The Timeline Column

The Timeline Column depicts the duration allotted to you and your team for finishing a task or undertaking. It enables you to arrange all the essential project commencement and conclusion dates and ensure everyone is in sync. You can utilize the column to exhibit a timeline for an individual item or a collection of items. 

Adding in the Timeline column

To add the Timeline Column to your board, click on the ‘+’ icon to the right of your final column, and then choose ‘Timeline.

Set dates

When the column has been inserted, setting the timeframe for each item is essential. You can accomplish this by clicking on a cell in the Timeline Column, which triggers a calendar picker. You can then choose the Start and End date for the item

The page displays a battery-like graphic that depicts an item’s commencement and conclusion dates. The color of the battery corresponds to the group’s color and indicates the amount of time that has elapsed from the start date to the current day. The black section of the battery represents the remaining duration available to work on the task visually.

Show week number when setting dates.

If you want to view the week number of the dates you are choosing, you can easily do so by accessing the Timeline Column settings and selecting “Show week number,” as illustrated below:

After activating this setting, you can now view the corresponding week number for each week when selecting dates using the calendar picker

Show group timeline summaries.

You can describe the timeline range of an entire group, from the earliest date to the latest date, by adding a summary to your Timeline Column. To include it, click the arrow next to your Timeline Column’s right side and choose “Show Column Summary” from the drop-down menu, as seen here:

The column summary can be deleted in the same manner as when it was first inserted, but this time choose “Hide Column Summary.”

Note: To plan and keep track of projects that span multiple days, you can use the Timeline View to see all your tasks on a timeline. You may optionally add Milestones to the timetable to ensure that important dates are noticed.


Shift dates on the timeline

Imagine that you have a workflow board with a Timeline Column. Each item is a task, and its timeline begins when the previous task’s timeline ends. You finish all your tasks on time, but now your manager adds an unexpected offsite day.

You don’t have to manually adjust the start and end dates of each item by a day. You can simply select the desired items and shift their timelines by the number of days you want. Here’s how to do it:

  • Select items you want to shift and click on the Timeline cell.
  • On the bottom of the calendar window, select ‘Shift selected items by days’.
  • In the pop-up window, input the number of days you wish to shift the item/s by typing a number or using the arrows and click “Shift”.

 Note: Moving days on the timeline will also show this change on the Timeline View

Format Date, Time, and Weekends

  • Date and Time

Customize formatting of the date and time by following these steps:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the bottom left of your screen 
  2. Click on ‘My profile’
  3. Select Language and region
  4. Change Time zone if needed be

  • Hide weekends

Preferences on whether or not to display weekends in your timeline can be found by clicking “Admin.”

Note:   Accessing these settings requires you to be an admin of your account. 

To proceed, go to the “General” section and click on the “Account” tab. Once there, you can opt to either show or hide weekends on your timeline. If you make any alterations, don’t forget to click “Save changes” before leaving the page.

  • First day of the week

In the Account Tab, you can choose whether you want your weeks to begin on Sunday or Monday! The change will also apply automatically to your calendar on the Date Column, Timeline, or Calendar View.

To apply the changes, all you need to do is select either Sunday or Monday and click “Save changes” before leaving the page!

Set up date reminders

Three options for setting Timeline Reminders include: 

  • Calendar Integration, Deadline Mode, and Date Reminders and Automations 

To generate automatic date reminders using our automation feature, access the Column Settings by clicking the arrow in the column’s top right corner. Then, choose ‘Set Date Reminders,’ as depicted below:

  • It will display the Automation recipe that says, “When timeline arrives, alert someone.” Click on each underlined portion to select the automation parameters that will automatically create your notifications.

Now you and your team will never miss another deadline!

Get the big-picture with a Board View.

With the Timeline Column all setup and populated, you can now gain an overview of all your item’s timelines in one go with a board view! There are two different options available to visualize your timelines. The first is the Gantt View, which offers an interactive means of managing all project details. The second is the Timeline View, which provides a visual summary of your Timeline Column. Let’s take a closer look at both!

  • The Gantt View

The Gantt View is the ultimate tool for bringing your project to life! It’s adaptable and responsive to the twists and turns of your project’s evolution. You can activate it directly from your Timeline Column by selecting any cell, then clicking “View as a Gantt Chart”:

Once you’re prepared, examine all of your belongings exhibited in a comprehensive calendar with a color-coding scheme that matches your preferences! On the left-hand side, the Gantt View features a list of your belongings and timelines, while on the right-hand side, they are shown as timeline bars, complete with connecting lines that indicate dependencies, if any exist!

  • The Timeline View

If you’re searching for a more straightforward approach to see the items arranged chronologically, then the Timeline View might interest you! Unlike the Gantt View, this option is not designed for complex and meticulous project management but offers an overall summary of each item’s timeline. The Timeline View presents all your items in a tidy, color-coded calendar format, allowing you to grasp the big picture quickly!

Learn more about the Timeline View Above!

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