Are you interested in storing multiple file variants in a single location to improve your workflow? Take your file management to the next level with file versioning! Save multiple versions of your file in a central location so that the entire team is always in sync. 🙌

 Note: Files Versioning is available to users as a trial feature. This feature may require payment in the future.

Locating the feature

To use the file versioning function, first add the Files Column to your board and then submit files directly there. After that, click to view one of the images and then pick “Versions.”

You can browse through all the different revisions of that file, from this page, from the most current one to the earliest one. If you decide on a specific edition, you can preview it, download it, make notes on it, and much more!

Add or delete versions.

You can upload a new version of your file by selecting “Add version” in the menu bar.

Currently, the only version of a file that can be deleted is the current version. To accomplish this, click the trash can icon at the bottom of the screen after selecting the current version of your file.

Note: When you delete the current version of a file, all previous versions are also removed. Before this occurs, we do provide a warning message, so keep this in mind before pressing “Delete”!

Your feedback counts!

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on the newly released features! You can provide us with feedback regarding your experience with the new file versioning feature by selecting “Give Feedback” as shown below.

For further questions, please visit our Knowledge Center.  To view the Knowledge Center, click the Home Page icon the top right of your page, then select “Support” and make you way to “Help Center” in the bottom left.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our team by selecting the blue “Contact Us” button.