Column permissions allow the board owner to determine which columns can be viewed and/or edited. This is particularly useful if you have sensitive information that you do not want certain users to view or modify.

How to limit column editing

This permission enables you to restrict who can edit columns on your board. This is incredibly useful if you want your team members and guests to be able to collaborate and update a board, with the exception of specific details. Thus, you can maintain a high level of transparency with your team while ensuring that only the appropriate individuals can edit the appropriate data on your boards.

Note: That column permissions do not apply to board administrators. Owners of a board will be able to edit/view all columns regardless of any restrictions that have been imposed.

To add column edit restrictions, simply click the downward-pointing arrow next to the column’s title and select “Column Permissions” and “Restrict column edit.”

Simply enter the name of the individual or group you wish to have the ability to edit that column. Other than the board’s administrators, no one else will be able to modify this column.

 Tip: You can now add an entire team to column edit or viewing restrictions, allowing the entire team to view or modify the column with a single click.

How to limit column view

This permission enables you to restrict who can observe columns on your board. This will ensure that your team members and guests only see the data you want them to see while allowing you to administer the same project on a single board as opposed to multiple boards.

To add column viewing restrictions, simply press the arrow pointing downwards next to the column’s title and select “Column Permissions” and “Restrict column view” as follows:

Similar to the column editing permissions, enter the name of an individual or team who should be able to observe the column. Other than the board proprietors, those who are not added here will not be able to view this column.

Note: Please be aware that limiting column view does not work with the Tags Column.

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