If you want to use a mirrored Status Column as an automation trigger on your board. If so, here is the information you need!

Automation recipes that support mirrored status columns

The following automation routines can be activated by a Status Column that has been mirrored:

  • Notify someone if the Status of something changes to something else.
  • When the status changes, halt time tracking.
  • When the status changes, resume time tracking.
  • When the Status changes, set the due date to the current date plus some days.
  • When the Status of an item changes, set the due date to the current date.
  • When a status change occurs, begin time monitoring. When it transforms into something, halt.
  • When the Status of an object changes, modify another object’s Status accordingly.

Is this feature compatible with multi-board mirroring?

Great topic! We regret that Status Columns that utilize multi-board mirroring do not currently support automations.

Are Status Columns that are mirrored supported in custom automations?

Not at present! Nonetheless, we intend to support it in the future, so stay tuned. 

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