The Updates Section provides a platform for social media-style communication among you and your colleagues within a particular task or project, facilitating the organization and contextualization of all related discussions. Further details on the numerous capabilities of the Updates Section can be found in this article.

However, please note that it is currently impossible to retrieve deleted messages from either the update section or info boxes. 

Format your text

Moreover, you have the flexibility to format your text in various ways, including applying special effects and colors. You can emphasize your text by underlining, bolding, or striking through it, and even change its color or highlight it, just as we have done below:

Remember to consider the size of your text when you want to emphasize specific points in your updates!

GIFs and Images

You can also enhance your updates and replies by incorporating lively GIFs, images, and expressive emojis. To insert an image, copy it from your clipboard and paste it anywhere within the update text. If necessary, you can also drag the image to a different location within the update.

If you need to adjust the image size in your update, hover over one of the corners until an arrow appears, then drag it to resize as needed. 

Upload files

You can also upload various files into your updates and replies, such as documents from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or To do so, click “Add files” and choose the file source you wish to upload.

Add a checklist 

You can include a checklist in your updates to provide more comprehensive information within your items by selecting the “Checklist” option. This will allow you to import a checklist structure and mark tasks as complete by clicking the bubble next to each item.

 Tip:  Moreover, you don’t need to edit the post to check off items on your list – you can complete them while viewing the updates.

Set automatic update reminders.

If you need a reminder for a specific update, you can set an automatic update reminder. Simply click on the bell icon at the top right of any update, and select the desired time for the reminder notification. This feature is particularly useful if you are occupied and need to revisit the update later.

Set up automatic updates

You will receive a notification bell reminding you of the update when the set time frame has passed.

Pin important updates

To keep a specific update at the top of your updates feed, you can easily pin it by clicking the arrow at the top right corner of the update and selecting “Pin to top.” Once you have pinned the update, it will remain at the top of the feed, even as new updates are added.

Bookmark a post

Similar to an old-fashioned thumbtack board, you can bookmark a significant update to reference frequently. This is akin to designating a “favorite post.” To do so, click the arrow at the top right corner of the update, and select “Bookmark.”

A bookmarked post can be found in your inbox.

Share updates

If you wish to share an update with someone not a member of your account, you can do so by email. To accomplish this, click the arrow at the top right corner of the update, and select “Share update.” Then, type your colleague’s email address in the pop-up window, and click “Send.” The update will be shared with the specified recipient via email.

Blue and grey updates

 Some of the update icons on your board are grey, while others appear blue.


When an update is grey, it signifies that no new updates have been posted for more than 7 days. Conversely, a blue update icon indicates that updates have been posted within the last 7 days. This helps you keep track of which items have a recent activity and which have been inactive for a while.

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