You can now start a call with your contacts directly from SalesTitanthrough the phone column! This column is amazing if you are using SalesTitan as a CRM and need to reach out to your clients, suppliers, or more. 

How to add it?

To add it, click the “+New” in the right corner of your board and select “More columns.” In the column’s center, search for “phone” and add it to your board.

How does it work?

Click inside each cell to add the phone number, then press the enter key. Then, click on the number itself to launch the default dialing application on your computer.

 Note: Include the country code before the actual phone number.

Go one step further.

Want to further optimize your workflow? Consider using Twilio’s integration.

With this integration, you will be able to reach out and connect with your clients, employees, freelancers, and managers via phone calls & SMS!


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