Critical Path for the Gantt Chart

Managing a project can involve juggling several tasks continuously. There are always unexpected turns and diversions that can derail a project. Maintaining your schedule and meeting deadlines is one of the most crucial aspects of your project. Your team will be more conscious and thus more productive if they have a visual tool for calculating project duration and deadlines. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the new critical path feature for Gantt Charts!

What is a critical path?

A critical path is the sequence of activities with the greatest duration in a project. A project’s critical path is beneficial for identifying all of the duties that must be completed in order to conclude the project on time. Once identified, the project manager will have a very clear understanding of the actual duration required to complete the project. A critical path makes it simpler to conceptualize your critical tasks, non-critical tasks, and task dependencies, giving you the clarity you need to manage your project successfully!

Note: Critical Path is available for testing as a trial feature. Future implementations of this feature may incur a fee.

How to add it to your Gantt Chart

To add the critical path, select the cogwheel in the upper right corner of the Gantt to access the Settings menu. Select “Critical Path” and then click “Show critical path.” Critical path will be highlighted in red on your project’s timeline to indicate the sequence of events that must be completed on time for the project as a whole to be completed on time.   

Tip: The Gantt chart critical path supports multiple Date & Timeline Columns, and the path is calculated across all elements viewed. For instance, if you have a Gantt chart as a widget in a Dashboard or Dashboard View and multiple boards are connected to it, you can display any or all Timeline Columns from the selected boards as part of your critical path.

We are thrilled to offer this feature to enhance your project planning and provide you with a more complete Gantt experience! As the critical path is considered a trial feature for the time being, we will keep you informed as to which future SalesTitan plans will include it. 

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