The Search Everything feature is one of the most exceptional search tools you’ll ever encounter (except Google of course). However, in all seriousness, Search Everything will significantly simplify your experience on!

What is Search Everything?

Search Everything enables you to search anything throughout all of your boards! Do you want to refine the results to only those tasks labeled “Stuck” across all your boards? Yes, you can! Do you want to examine the amount of work your colleague has in progress? Simply search for their name! Are you curious about what you need to accomplish this week? Search for the items that you’ve been assigned to and subsequently filter by date!

To access Search Everything, click on the small magnifying glass icon above your profile picture in the left-hand pane.

Note:  Search Everything is included with the Standard Plan and higher. For additional details, please refer to our pricing page at this link.

Search all tasks across my account.

Suppose you aim to locate all the tasks assigned to you within the preceding two weeks.

  • Step 1

Enter your name into the Search Everything bar and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

  • Step 2

In the upper-right corner of your search results, select the “Filter by date” button. A tight timeline with sliders will emerge, enabling you to regulate the date range you want to apply to your search results.


You can also export your search findings to Excel by clicking on the cogwheel icon situated on the top-right side of your screen and then selecting “Export to Excel,” as demonstrated below:

Search for specific updates across my account

If you’re trying to locate a specific update across your entire account, Search Everything can assist you with that too. Input a keyword into the Search Everything bar, such as “work,” and make sure to select the “Updates” option, as seen in the illustration below:

Additional filters can be applied from the right side of your screen.

The additional filters will help you to get your result faster. Just try it out!

You can only see information from the Main or Private/Shareable boards you subscribe to when utilizing Search Everything. However, please note that the admin(s) of an account on an Enterprise plan can access the names of Private/Shareable boards and some information using the Content Directory.

Search for specific files across my account.

You can use the Files tab on the Search Everything feature to access all the files uploaded to your You can also use keywords to search for specific files and apply filters to refine your search.

Note: The search for keywords in files only looks at the title of the file and not the actual content within the file.

You also have the option to filter the search results on the right-hand side of the screen only to show specific types of files, such as images, Word documents, Excel documents, and other file formats.

Search for specific tags across my account

The Tags Column feature allows you to add multiple keywords that will display next to a hashtag symbol (#) in the Tags Column. By using Search Everything, you can search for a particular item that has these tags. For instance, if you’re looking for the “lead” tag, you can type it into the Search Everything bar, select the “Tags” category, and it will show you a list of all the items containing this tag.

This is a wonderful tool to keep track of all related tasks across your account.

Search for people across my account.

Searching for other members within your account is also an easy task.  In the search, everything bar you can directly type in their name, and the member’s associated contact information will be brought up.

Search within your archives.

If you are searching for something that has been archived, you can still find it by checking the “Search archives” box located in the top right corner of the search results page. This will allow you to switch your search to archived boards and items, which can be helpful if you are having trouble finding something or want to double-check if it was archived.

Useful Tips

  • Tip 1

To store a search for later use, press the “Save” button that appears to the right of your search term. Your saved searches will be accessible on the main screen when you click the Search Everything box.

  • Tip 2

The Quick Searches feature lets you view all the tasks assigned to you with just one click.

The Quick Searches feature also enables you to view all updates where you were mentioned and haven’t responded yet (we all forget sometimes).

For further questions, please visit our Knowledge Center.  To view the Knowledge Center, click the Home Page icon the top right of your page, then select “Support” and make you way to “Help Center” in the bottom left.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our team by selecting the blue “Contact Us” button.