Are you looking for a way to conceal certain columns on your board without completely removing them? You’re in luck! The feature discussed in this piece will allow you to hide columns on your board and create a “new view” that saves your preferences. This can assist you in concentrating on the critical aspects and save time scrolling through all the columns to locate what you need. 

How to hide columns 

To view one of your boards, select it and then click on the eye symbol located at the board’s top.  Upon doing so, you will observe that all your columns have been chosen automatically, indicating they are currently visible on your board. To conceal certain columns, you can simply unselect the ones that you don’t want to be displayed on your board, like this:
Another option is to uncheck the “All Columns” option and choose only the particular columns you wish to see. By doing this, your board will exclusively exhibit the columns you have decided to keep visible.
Note: Modifications to column(s) within a particular group will affect the entire board.

Save it as a view 

Preserving your filters is an excellent means of obtaining swift access to the information you require. Suppose you are interested in viewing just a handful of columns, such as the sales representative’s name, contact details, and phone number, on your “Sales Pipeline” board. After concealing the extra columns, you can select “Save as new view,” as demonstrated below:

Following this, we shall retitle our filter as “Sales Representative Details” to facilitate convenient recognition of this streamlined display for future use.
At any time, you can access all your saved filters and any other board view from the top of your board.

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