What is a board owner?

A board owner can be compared to a “super user” on a board, who can conduct actions that other board members cannot. This article will provide information on the following:

  • What it means to be a board owner
  • How to make someone else a board owner
  • How to regain control of a board from a former team member

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Who is the owner of the board?

By default, the creator of the board will be the initial board owner. The initial board owner can then, if desired, grant ownership to additional board subscribers.

Clicking the “Invite” icon at the top of a board will identify the board’s owner. A small blue crest will appear to the right of the owner’s name.

What options does a board Owner have?

In brief, only board owners have the ability to:

  • Set or modify Board Permissions and Column Permissions. In addition, board/column permissions that have been set do not apply to the board owner.
  • Unarchive a previously archived board;
  • Edit, delete, or template existing automation or integration recipes (in addition to the creator of those automation/integrations)
  • Modify templated boards.
  • “Crown” additional board members as a board owner

Adding/removing board owners

If you are the board owner, you can add or delete other board owners by clicking the crown icon next to a user’s name to turn it blue and add them as an owner or grey to remove them!

Note: Only the initial board owner and account administrators can add additional board owners. Additionally, administrators can become board owners of any Mainboard.

Changing board ownership

What if your team’s board owner has left? You can still regain control of their board with a few clicks! You can learn everything about it here.

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