Do you need to make multiple changes that affect numerous items and find it tedious to modify each item individually? If so, Batch Actions enable you to modify, shift, erase, store, export, and replicate many items simultaneously with just one click! Read on to discover the considerable time-saving benefits of using Batch Actions.

Select your items

There are a couple of ways to pick the items you want to be impacted by the Batch Action. You can choose all the items within a group, manually select each item, or select all items between two specific items. To learn about all three techniques, continue reading!

Select all items in a group

If you wish to choose all the items within a group, you can either mark the box above the topmost item in the group or access the group menu and opt for “Select all items”.

Select specific items

To choose specific items on your board, click on the vacant box on the left-hand side of the item name.

  • Select a range of items.

To select multiple items in a row, click on the first item, hold down the shift key, and then click on the last item. This will select all the items in between as well.

To deselect items, you have two options. You can either click on each item again or use the “X” button in the batch actions toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Batch actions toolbar

Once you’ve chosen your items, you’ll notice a toolbar at the bottom of the screen that displays the number of items selected. This toolbar allows us to perform any of the following quick actions:


  • Duplicate the selected items
  • Export them to Excel
  • Archive them with the ability to restore them later
  • Permanently delete them
  • Move them to another group or board
  • Use “X” to deselect all selected items.

Edit columns with batch actions

Numerous changes can be made to multiple items quickly and efficiently through Batch Actions. Let’s explore a few of these changes!

  • Update Status

The Marketing team successfully met, completing the “Initial Planning” stage for 5 projects. To update their status from “In Progress” to “Done” using Batch Actions, we’ll select all discussed items and click on a single cell in the Status Column. Then, we’ll update the status to “Done” and the change will be applied to all selected items.

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