If you have a large group of items, locating specific items can become overwhelming and challenging. One solution to this problem is to sort your items, which is an effortless way to maintain organization. Sorting helps you comprehend your tasks and prioritize them, ensuring that you complete all of your tasks in the correct order. This article presents various methods to sort your board, allowing you to customize the display of your items according to your preferences.

Sort from the column menu

The first sorting method is to select the arrow located to the right of the column’s name, which will open the column menu. From there, hover over “Sort” and click “Sort Column” in the sub-menu. See the example below:

Sort all from one place

At the board level, you can sort your board using any column and it with other columns in one location! To initiate the sorting process, click on the “Sort” icon, followed by selecting “Add new sort”:

Upon accessing the board sort tool, a default sorting will be automatically applied, which entails alphabetizing the items in ascending order based on their names. You can modify this default sorting by selecting any column and specifying the preferred order. To achieve this, click on the column type (currently displaying “Name”), and adjust the sort order accordingly. For instance, you may want to sort the board by “Priority” in descending order.

Save your sort as a new view.

If you want to arrange your board items in a specific order and keep it for future reference, you can use the sort option from the board menu. First, set up the conditions for sorting and then click the “Save as new view” button in the top right corner. Next, name the saved view your choice, and you’re done!

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