The Hour Column permits you to specify a time for your item. Explore more below.

How to add it

To add the Hour Column, click the “+New” in the right corner of the board and select “More columns“.  In the Column center, search or browse for the “Hour” column, and click “Add to board“:

How it works

Click inside any cell after adding the column to add a time to your item. Clicking on the AM or PM text in the cell, which allows you to alter the time from AM to PM.

Note: The hour column is a special column used to keep track of time; for example, For a Consultant, it is very important to keep track of Hours as he/she charges clients on an hourly basis.

Customize it

By selecting the three-dot menu to the right of the column title, “Settings,” and then “Customize Hour column,” you can customize how the time is displayed. Here you can choose between 12-hour and 24-hour time formats!

Filter your board by hours.

You can filter your items based on their designated hours by using the Filter function, as shown below. You can filter the data:

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