How to set a session duration on your account

At, we prioritize security and strive to ensure that our users have full control over their account’s security settings. To achieve this, we provide the ability to set a session duration, allowing account members to specify an automatic log-out at specific intervals. This feature helps to guarantee the utmost security of your account, even in situations where you may forget to log out manually or step away from your device. Our commitment to our users’ security is reflected in the provision of these features, which help users manage their account’s security preferences more efficiently.

  Note: The session duration feature is only available to Admin on Enterprise Plan 

Locating the feature

To access the session duration feature, navigate to your profile picture at the bottom left corner of your screen, and select “Admin.” This will direct you to the administrative section of your account. Once there, proceed to the “Security” section and click the “Advanced” tab as indicated. Following these steps should lead you to the session duration feature.

Setting a session duration

When configuring a session duration for your account, you can choose to log out all users who have been inactive for a specific period or log out all users, regardless of activity, after a particular duration. To log out inactive users, click on the downward-pointing arrow beneath the “No-activity timeout” and select the desired duration from the options of 5, 10, or 15 days. After making your selection, be sure to click “Confirm” to save your settings.

Note: Setting a session to expire at a specific date or time is impossible. The only option is to set a session to expire after a designated time interval. To log out all users from the account, regardless of their activity status, select the down arrow under “Session expired,” choose your preferred duration, and then click the blue “Confirm” button to proceed.


Removing a session duration

If you wish to remove the session duration set on your account, you can do so by following the steps mentioned earlier. Select “never log out automatically” for both session duration options when accessing the session duration feature. Doing this will effectively remove any session duration settings previously established on your account.

Immediately log out all users.

If you need to log out all users from your account immediately, you can do so by accessing the admin section of your account. Once there, proceed to the “Security” section and click on the “Sessions” tab, as previously described. This feature is handy if you suspect that your account’s security has been compromised somehow and you need to take immediate action.

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