Do you ever ponder the numbers adjacent to the bell icon in your left panel and the type of notifications they represent? Are you curious about how these notifications vary from the ones you receive in your inbox? Moreover, do you have the ability to regulate the notifications you get there? Read on to obtain answers to all your inquiries and become an expert in managing notifications! By perusing this article, you will learn about the discrepancies between bell notifications, inbox notifications, and email notifications and discover techniques for controlling them efficiently.

Tip: If you are having trouble distinguishing between your Bell Notifications, Inbox, and Email Notifications, don’t worry. To become adept at managing notifications on your account, read this article to gain insights into the dissimilarities between these types of notifications and learn how to regulate them effectively.

Where are Bell Notifications?

 To access your Bell Notifications, click on the bell icon at the upper section of your left panel.

A pop-up window will emerge upon clicking the bell icon, presenting your notifications. You can browse them and indicate them as “read” from the same window without leaving the current page you are working on in the background.

What kind of notifications appear there? 

The bell icon serves as a hub for receiving all the personalized information that is relevant to you, such as notifications about being tagged in something, being assigned to a task, or receiving a response to an update you posted. You will receive notifications in the bell icon whenever someone takes any of these actions.

  • Appoints you as the account’s administrator
  • Assigns you to a person column item
  • Mentions you in a message or in response to a message
  • Indicates in an update that you are a member of a team.
  • Reactions to a post you made
  • Adds you to a post or message board

When automations on your boards trigger any of the aforementioned actions, it deletes or archives the item or board that you are subscribing to.

Refer to this article to gain further insight into the distinct types of notifications present in your account and to understand when you will receive bell notifications.

Manage your notifications

Upon receiving notifications, a small red circle displaying the number of unread notifications appears at the top right corner of the bell icon. Once you access your notifications, the number will vanish, but any new, unread notifications will be highlighted in blue until you clear them or mark them as “read.”

You can easily indicate a notification as “read” by placing your cursor on the right-hand side of the notification and selecting the checkmark icon. Once you click on it, the notification will transform white, but it will continue to appear in your notification center.


View all notifications

The “View all” tab provides an overview of your entire notification history, regardless of the categorization of your notifications.


Control your notifications

To manage your notifications, click the three-dot icon at the upper right-hand corner of your Bell Notifications Center, and choose “settings.”

You will be navigated to the notifications tab of your account’s settings, as shown below. From here, you can choose what type of notifications you’s like to see in your Bell Notifications Center.

AI Notifications and Reminders 

To further revolutionize the way you work and the efficiency inside your work environment we have implemented AI notifications and reminders. 


AI notifications can be found in your admin view where you go to manage the rest of your notifications. Set any custom notifications here. 


AI Reminders can be accessed from any board within the system.  This makes it super easy to create a new reminder without having to click a number of times. 


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