Item default value

Is there a workflow in which each new item requires a specific column value? Do you wish to reduce the amount of manual labor required to add this value to each of your new items individually? With the item default value, you can swiftly and easily assign specific values to all new items on your board!

Item Default Value


Note: You must be the board's owner to change an item's default value.

How to configure it

To create a default value for new items on your board, select from the three-dot menu at the top right corner of your board “Board settings” and then “Item default values,” as shown below:

From the resulting pop-up window, you will be able to specify which default values you want to set and for which columns. To proceed, simply click into the column fields, select the desired values, and click the blue “Save changes” button!

In the preceding example, the default values for all new elements created on this board are as follows:

  • Roy is assigned to the assignee
  • The “Phase I” column is selected as “Working on it.”
  • The “Estimated Period” column will indicate three days

These values will now be applied to the specified column(s) whenever a new item is created!

Removing default values

Click to reopen the default value selection if you wish to remove a default value that has been set on your board. To remove all default values, select “Clear all values” and then press the blue “Save changes” icon from this page.

Use case

While there are infinite uses for the item default value, it can be particularly useful when you want to automatically link every new item on your board to a different board in your account.

Consider how this can be accomplished in the “Realtors Listings” column below. In this scenario, we wish to automatically associate each new property listing with a realtor from our “Realtors list” board. We already have a Connect Boards Column connecting the two boards, so let’s see how we can automate this connection using the item default value!

To automatically associate a new property listing with a realtor, we clicked the item default value icon and selected to associate Tanika with every new item.

With this in place, every new item will automatically link itself to the Realtors List board and specifically to Tanika, so we can easily have all of the information that we need in one place!

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