The Item ID Column

The Item ID column is a versatile column that can be advantageous to your team. Each item is assigned a unique number that is displayed in this column. This number is used internally to designate a particular item. Let’s investigate the column further to determine how you and your team can benefit from it. 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣

How to add it

To add it, select the “+New” button in the right corner of your board. Then, at the bottom of the resulting menu, select “More columns”.  Find and select “Item ID” once you’re in the Column Center.  Each piece on your board will then exhibit a unique number as indicated below:


If you hover over your column header and select the blue dropdown button to the right, you will discover that the first menu option is Column Settings. You have the option to copy either the item’s ID number or its URL when you select Column Settings.

Customizing the ID

As the Item ID number is a unique identifier, it is not possible to customize it. However, you can add a level of customization to the items on your board by using the Auto Number Column.

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