The Basics of a Board

Your workflows are brought to life on our customizable board! Consider it as a digital dry-erase board where you can manage anything, from difficult multi-step projects to everyday basic jobs! Also, since boards are completely interactive and collaborative, you and your team can cooperate to complete tasks.

All there is to know about boards are covered in this article. Let’s start now!

Add a new board

Navigate to the “Apps” section on the top bar.  Once you open up the dropdown menu click on the “New Board” on the bottom of the dropdown.  As an alternative, you can also select a ready-made template from the templates section.

Structure of a board

You should become familiar with the four main elements of a board: Groups, Columns, Items, and Subitems.

Here are the definitions for these items:

      1.     Groups:  The material on your boards can be arranged and categorized in any way you like with the aid of groups.
      2.     Columns: Personalize how your data is displayed and bring your board’s data to life.
      3.     Items: Individual rows on the board are used to manage and track any type of data, including projects, tasks,                      clients, and much more.
      4.     Subitems: This enables you to include an additional level of information within the items on your board; subitems              add another level of hierarchy to your board.


Deleting or Archiving a board

By selecting “Archive board” or “Delete board” from the three-dot menu in the top right corner of your board, you
can decide if you are no longer on this board or want to save it for later.

 Note: This is available for anyone who utilizes templates or is on our Business Level Package

A board that has been deleted will remain in the Recycle Bin for 30 days. On the other hand, archiving a board will make it permanently accessible in the archives folder.

 Note: The Connect Boards Column allows you to connect to other boards, so if you archive or delete one of those boards, all of its connected boards will also be deleted.

Deleting or Archiving a board

Imposing limitations on boards, altering the type of board, and other actions, it is crucial to be aware of board ownership. After considering this, a board owner is either:

  • The creator of the board
  • Any affiliates who have been designated as co-owners.
  • The initial owner reserves to the right to add other members who can access the board 

You can change the owner of the board if the previous owner quit the team in order to assist regain it. Check out this page for details on how to change the ownership of a board. 

Difference between board types

SalesTitan offers three different types of boards: main, public, and private boards. The layout of the boards is the same.  The main differentiator is the level of access each board allows.  To learn more about board take a look at this article.

Board Modification

By selecting “Board settings” from the three-dot menu in the top right corner of your screen as the board owner, you can modify the kind of the board. Choose the sort of board you want to change it to by clicking “Change board type” from there.

Note: You cannot modify the board type if you are not the board’s owner. To make this modification, you must speak with the board’s owner.

Board Description 

To help the team comprehend the main purposes of the board, to give any instructions, or for any other reason, you might find the need to include a description. Click on the “I” symbol to the right of your board name to access your board description:

From this page, you may view and modify the board’s description as well as other key information about the board. 

It is not possible to utilize “<>” characters within the board description due to security concerns that limit the inclusion of outside code.

Board Description

You can adjust the order in which your things appear on your board, sort or filter your board, and zoom in on the particular items you want to see.


Click the “Sort” icon in the top left corner of your board, followed by “+Add new sort,” to arrange the objects there. The exact criteria you want to use to sort your board can then be selected! As an illustration, we decided to reorder the things on our board in the following manner, descending
according to their budget level, seen here:

Filter the Parameters you want to be displayed by clicking the “Filter” icon at the top of your screen to filter your board!


Reorganizing Board Groups 

When your board fills up with more and more data, you might want to rearrange it according to the various data points so you can quickly see what you need! You have more flexibility than ever to slice, split, and arrange your data using the “Group by” tool.

Simply select a column to group by by clicking the “Group by” icon at the top of your board, and then watch as your board is immediately arranged using the criteria you selected.

Last Viewed 

You can see the symbols of people who have most recently viewed your board at the upper right of it.

By clicking on any of the icons, you can open up the full log of who has seen your board and when. You can also find the activity log in the same area here to get a breakdown of recent board activities!

For further questions, please visit our Knowledge Center. To view the Knowledge Center, click on the Home Page icon in the top right of your page, then select Support and make your way to “Help Center” in the bottom left. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our team by selecting the blue “Contact Us” button.