What is a board member?

As a Board member, you’ll be notified from any new updates or responses from your favorite board and items. Board members may choose to subscribe to all or part of the Board. For more information, please keep reading.Β  πŸ‘‡


Join as a Board Member.

When you creatre of a board, you immediately become the Board’s owner. You can then ask other team members to join your Board from same page. You can also make them board owners if you want them to have extra rights.

Click the “Invite” button on the left side of your Board to invite a new member or add an existing member.

Then, put your name or the names of your team members in the search box and click on them to join them!

You can also invite team members through email. Simply input the email address in the search bar and select “Invite a new member via email“:

Tip: Visit this article to learn all the information you require! Learn how you can join the Board through our mobile app.

Remove subscribers from your board.

You can remove yourself or others from the Board by clicking the “Invite” icon in the top-right area of your Board and then clicking the “x” next to your name. If you are the owner of a board (indicated by a blue crown next to your name), you must designate a new owner before you can remove yourself as a board member. Check out this article for more information on board owners.

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Note: If you withdraw from a Shareable or Private board, you will lose access and must be invited again. 

Subscribe or unsubscribe to an item.

There are multiple methods to subscribe to an item:

  • You’ll automatically be added as a subscriber to any new items you create.
  • You will automatically be added as a subscriber to a task when you are given assigned to it.

You, or anyone else, can subscribe to your items at any moment. When viewing an item’s changes, click the three-dot option in the top right corner. Next, select “Subscriber management,” as shown below.

This page provides the option for the item’s individual and group subscriptions. To discontinue receiving notifications for a particular item, you may opt-out by clicking on the “x” located next to your name.

How do I become aware?

When you subscribe to a forum or an item, you’ll receive notifications whenever there’s new activity on that forum or item. Read this article if you want to learn more!

For further questions, please visit our Knowledge Center.  To view the Knowledge Center, click the Home Page icon the top right of your page, then select “Support” and make you way to “Help Center” in the bottom left.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our team by selecting the blue “Contact Us” button.