Board filters can simplify your search for specific information on a board with lots of data. Instead of scrolling through the entire board, you can draw conclusions, focus on essential details, and save time using board filters.

Hiding columns from your board

In addition to applying filters to your board, we provide a fantastic feature that allows you to conceal columns, giving you a quick overview of only the essential information. Visit this article to understand how this feature operates!

Board filtering options

You have different options to filter information on your board, such as the search bar, person filter, quick suggested filter, or advanced filter option. Each option can be used to create a customized rule to filter by, and they are all explained in detail below.

Search bar

The primary and most straightforward method of filtering your board is by using the search bar, which you can find on the top bar of your board.

Note: The board search filter does not support the Formula Column yet.

Person filter

You can filter tasks assigned to you or your teammates using the person filter. Clicking on the person icon will give you the list of people you work with. You can then select the person whose tasks you want to filter, and any items assigned to them will be shown on your board.

 Note: The People Column filter will show all the items assigned to you, and it will also filter the Last Updated Column and Creation Log Column based on your name.

Quick suggested filter

You can easily set up a quick filter by clicking on the “Filter” icon on the board’s top left. The suggested quick filters will appear and you can choose from the list without creating your filters. For instance, if you want to view all high-priority tasks assigned to “will,” you can select those two criteria, and only the items that meet this condition will be displayed.

You can easily access the filters you previously applied by checking the “Recent filters” section. This feature makes it easy to find and reapply the filters you have used before. 

 Tip: The filtering options on your board have numbers displayed next to them, which show the count of items that match the selected criteria.

Advanced filter

You can create personalized filters for your board using the advanced filtering option. To access this, click on the “Filter” icon and then click on the arrow located on the right side of the icon. This will directly open up the advanced filters menu, which allows you to set up specific conditions to filter your board.

Advance Filter

You can access the advanced filter in another way by clicking on the phrase “Switch to advanced filters” at the bottom of the quick filters pop-up window.

Save your filter for quick access.

After you’ve chosen the filtering conditions, you can save the filter for easy access in the future. Simply click the “Save to this view” button at the top right corner, give the saved view a name of your choice, and you’re all set!

Understanding the conditions

The advanced filter provides a wide range of condition options and will continue to offer more in the future. To assist in comprehending the functions of each condition, refer to the guide below for our frequently used columns. Keep in mind that each column type will have distinct options.

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