What are team members?

You’ve seen us refer to “team members” when building up your account. What do we mean by this? There are two different categories of team members: members and viewers. These categories define user types with additional functionalities, and each type serves multiple purposes. Read on to find out more!


Members can make changes to any board on the account to which they have access. This includes private boards. That encompasses not only the Main forums but also any Shareable or Private boards to which the user has subscribed.

A member can perform the following actions:

  • Create and edit a board
  • Create and edit items
  • Create and edit folders
  • Invite other members inside a board and item
  • Viewing capabilities of all mainboards
  • Be invited to shareable or private boards
  • Edit their profile
  • Communicate and add attachments

Who should be given membership?

Everyone who interacts with a project’s specifics and needs to modify account content should be added as a member. Typically, your core team consists primarily of members.

We suggest exploring the guest role if you want an outsider to be able to edit, but they are not an employee of your business.


Viewers, in contrast to members, do not have the ability to make any changes to the account. They are only permitted to view any Shareable or Private boards, to the Main Boards, on your account, in addition, as well as any Boards to which they have subscribed.

While members utilize the seats you paid for, viewers are a free user category.

A viewer can perform the following actions:

  • View all main boards in the account
  • Open an item and read the updates of any board they have access to
  • Search or filter within a board
  • Be invited to Shareable or Private boards
  • Edit their profile
  • Invite new viewers (unless the admin blocks this setting)
  • Open the board views 
  • Be assigned to an item
  • Be added to a team 
  • Subscribe themselves and others to an item/board
  • Export boards to Excel

A viewer cannot:

  • Create/delete a board
  • Make any changes to any content on a board
  • Make any changes to the structure of a board
  • Change any setting of the board
  • Add updates to an item or like an update posted by someone else
  • Be assigned as the owner of a board
  • invite a guest to a shareable board
  • Create a team

Who should be granted viewership?

Anyone who needs to examine content on your account but does not need editing permissions. Some of your team’s senior members who are supervising a project but not participating in its execution would be suitable viewers. Similarly, if an intern is assisting with minor duties and needs to be assigned on certain boards but does not require the ability to edit, you can add them as a viewer to your account.

If you want an external user to be able to examine content without being able to modify it, we do not recommend giving them viewer permissions. By default, viewers can view all of your account’s primary forums. Instead, we suggest inviting them as guests to particular Shareable boards and limiting their ability to modify with board permissions.

How to tell the difference

Ability to edit

The ability to edit is the principal distinction between members and viewers. If you are unsure whether your account is classified as a member or a viewer, determine whether you can edit a board. If you are unable to modify a board, the following message will appear at the top of your screen:

Eye icon

An additional indicator is the eye icon. If an eye icon appears in the lower right corner of a user’s avatar, that user is a viewer:

List of users

if you’re an administrator who wants to comprehend better how a team member is classified in your account, Check the Users tab of the Admin section of your account to determine a team member’s user type.

First, click your avatar and then click Admin:

And then select Users from the menu on the left:

You will then be presented with a list of all the users registered to your SalesTitan account. Their user classification will be displayed next to their name.

Modify a user’s user profile.

Only administrators can alter the user type of a member. To modify an individual’s user category, go to your avatar > Admin > Users. There you will find an inventory of everyone associated with your account. Locate the user and, to the right of their name, click on their current user classification. Select the desired category of user (Admin, Member, Viewer, or Guest) from the resulting drop-down menu.

A pop-up notification will request confirmation of the modification. If you attempt to convert a viewer to a member, the following message will appear:

If you attempt to convert a member to a viewer, the following message will appear:

Once you acknowledge the modification in the pop-up, it will be saved! The member or viewer will merely need to refresh their browser to see the change.

For further questions, please visit our Knowledge Center.  To view the Knowledge Center, click the Home Page icon the top right of your page, then select “Support” and make you way to “Help Center” in the bottom left.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our team by selecting the blue “Contact Us” button.