As an account administrator, you may have a question about who can invite new users to your account. This is an excellent question, and the login settings established on your account will determine which users are authorized to invite others.

This article will examine how four distinct login settings (email and password, authorized domain, Google SSO, and SAML SSO) impact which users can invite new members and for what type of user. Let’s dive in!

Tip: Before we proceed, you can learn how to invite users to your account by referring to our resources on this topic. It is also advisable to become familiar with the various user types we provide and the login settings at your disposal.

Email & Password

  • How does this setting work?

Enabling the “Email & Password” setting allows users to utilize their unique email and password credentials to access their account.

Who can invite users with this setting?

Account administrators can invite any individual and assign them any user type. Members, however, can only invite guests onto Shareable Boards for which they are the board owner. If a member tries to invite another user to the account, they will be presented with the subsequent error message:

Google SSO (single sign-on)

How does this setting work? offers the Google SSO feature, a secure authentication system that enables team members to sign in to the platform with their Google account. In case Google manages your organization’s email domain, users with the same Google domain can register without being invited to join the account.

Note: Google SSO is available for only the Pro and Enterprise Plans

Who can invite users with this setting? 

Administrators can invite any user to join the platform, provided they have the same Google domain as specified in their SSO setup. Moreover, admins can invite guests having different domains as well.

Members can invite other members or viewers with the same Google domain specified in their SSO setup. Also, members who are board owners can invite guests to their Shareable Boards.

Viewers can invite other viewers to join the platform only if they have the same Google domain specified in their SSO setup.

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