AtmosAI CRM Leads:

To get started with AtmosAI CRM Leads, go to the Home screen sidebar and choose CRM, which will redirect you to the Leads page. 

CRM – Leads Board:

AtmosAI CRM Leads lets you collect and store the information of your leads from where you can connect with them and start converting.  Keep track of and manage leads, Moreover, boards are fully interactive and collaborative, so you and your team can work together to get things done.

Create New Lead:

To add a new group, click on the “+Lead” button on the left pane on your screen and then select “New Group.” You can also Import leads from the same menu from Excel, Google Sheets, and more.

 After creating a new group – press “+Add” and start adding leads to the leads board.

Advance Functions of the Board:

The leads board has different advanced features to manage and control leads.

Leads – Search & Person:

Search: Type in the search box and search for anything within the leads boards. 

Person: Quick person filter allows users to filter leads person-wise.

Leads – Sort:

The Leads page has multiple sort options; you can sort by a dedicated work stage sort or by normal sort.

Leads – Filter:

The Leads page has advanced filter options; you can filter data by a dedicated work stage filter or by the normal filter.

Leads – Hide:

Hide or Un Hide the unwanted columns by simply selecting or deselecting the columns. 


CRM Leads:

After creating a lead, you can further work on the Lead by taking Notes, creating tasks, and sending emails, calls, or sms for follow-ups, and more. Just hover your mouse on the right side, Press the “Action Button Open,” and you can see the “Activity Log,” from which you can monitor all the activities done on this Lead.

Deleting a Leads Board:

To delete a Lead from Leads board, select any Lead or multiple Leads from the group – an “Option Box” will apear which allows you to Delete, Duplicate, Export and more. 

Leads – Workflow:

On top right corner of Leads page you will find Workflow – Create workflows to further manage and automate the Leads and provide better service to the clients.

Leads – Bulk Emails

On the top right corner of the Leads page, right beside the Workflow – you will find the 

Bulk Emails option through which you can send a single email in bulk. 


Other sending options are: Email Sequence and Bulk text.

Leads Add Views:

Click on the “+” button beside the Main view and Add more views.It includes Charts, Kaban, Dashboards and more.

Leads – Add Columns:

Scroll to the right side of the Leads board and press “+New” to add more columns.

Press “More Columns” to further explore the pre-set columns with advanced features like “Status,” “People,” “Timeline,” and more. 


Leads – Drag and Drop & Subitems:

Drag & Drop: Easily move around your Leads with Drag and Drop.

Subitems: Add Subitems to your Leads. Hover your mouse between your lead’s name and check box and press the “Expand Subitems” button to add subitems to your leads.