All about teams

At AtmosAI, we value openness and communication above anything else. We believe that communication between your coworkers is one of the most essential aspects of your workplace! Creating teams allows you to quickly notify, update, designate duties, and communicate with colleagues across your entire account.

Teams can also give you another method to secure information on your account. By giving teams access to particular Private or Shareable boards, you can make sure that the right people always have access to the right information   🙌

 Note: Guests cannot be added to teams.

What is a team?

Any group of people working together toward a common goal is referred to as a team. This could be a department, a project team, a functional department team, a cross-functional (or cross-departmental) team, a management team, or any other collaboration arrangements that exist in your organization.

Teams you establish on your AtmosAI account allow group notifications, updates, and team-wide communication!

The Teams page

You should always examine and control the teams associated with your account on the Teams tab. Click on your personal image and choose “Teams” from the menu.

You can view a summary of every team that is currently active on your account here! You can either perform a search for a team or simply select on its name on the left side of the page to view it.


How to create a team

Click “+ New team” in the upper left area of your account to begin creating a new team.

You can name your team, upload an image to display your logo, and start adding team members from the page that appears. When you’re done, don’t forget to select the blue “Create” icon!

 Tip: Adding an image will give a visual highlight to your team and is very useful when you use the People Column to assign tasks to your team members.

What are team owners?

You may decide who will be the “team owner” for your team after you’ve added members to it! Only team owners will have the ability to make changes to the team, including adding or deleting members, altering the name and logo, forming sub-teams, and more.

Simply click on the crown symbol to the far right of a person’s name, as shown below, to make them an owner.

Board (edited)


How to manage your team

  • Add members

To add team members, simply click on the “Add team members” button and select the desired team members. Once you have made your selection, click on the blue “Add” button to complete the process.

Tip: You can even put remaining users here so that as soon as they sign up for your account, they will be added to your team!
  • Remove members

To remove a team member, simply click on the three-dot menu located to the right of their name and select “Remove from the team”

  • Delete a team

To delete a team, simply access the team’s page and click on the three-dot menu located at the top right corner of the page. From there, select the “Delete team” option to remove the team from your account.

Creating sub-teams

 Note: The sub-teams feature is exclusively accessible to users subscribed to the Enterprise plan.

Sub-teams feature enables you to create several teams within a primary team, providing you with the ability to manage a more complex structure of individuals and materials in your company. To gain a better understanding of how this feature operates, let’s explore a use case together.

The Knowledge Base team at AtmosAI is comprised of individuals with expertise in content writing and video creation. To enhance the organization of your Knowledge Base team, you can create sub-teams. This will allow you to add separate teams for content and video, which will be nested within the larger Knowledge Base team. To create a new sub-team, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Knowledge Base Team page.
  2. Click on the arrow next to “Add users” located at the top right of the page.
  3. Select “Create new sub-team”.

To create a sub-team for content writers, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Create Sub-Team” button.
  2. Name the sub-team “Content Writers”.
  3. Add the relevant team members to the sub-team.
  4. Click on “Create” to finalize the sub-team creation.

Refer to the image below for a visual guide.

Next, we’ll make another subteam, this time named “Video creators,” and add the appropriate team members.

 Note: When you create a sub-team, all members of that sub-team will automatically have access to the same content as the parent team.
To access the newly created Content Writers and Video Creators sub-teams, navigate to the Knowledge Base Team page and click on the “Sub-teams” tab. On the sub-team pages, you can manage team membership by adding or removing members, transferring team ownership to other members, and customizing the sub-team page’s icon and header.

 Tip: You can create sub-teams nested within other sub-teams! Do note, though, the number of allowed sub-team hierarchies is 5 levels.

Mention your team in one click.

Our “Mango Task Force” team is diligently working to create the most delicious new Mango flavor for our ice cream establishment! We want everyone on the team to be aware of our organization’s swift changes. Examine several methods. Find below several methods to identify everyone at once.

  • Subscribe your team 

There is no need to subscribe each team member to respective boards individually. You can subscribe to a complete team at once to the team’s forums! Click the “Invite” icon in the upper right corner to begin.

Instead of entering each team member’s name, enter the team’s name! Click and Done! Now the entire team will remain on the same page!

In addition, when hovering over a designated team, you will be able to view details such as the team’s name and the identities of its members:

  • Assign tasks to your whole team

We utilize the People Column frequently to ensure that each individual is aware of their responsibilities. Occasionally, however, we operate as a team! In such instances, we will designate a mission or assignment for the entire team!

Simply click a cell in the People Column and select your team, as opposed to an individual, as follows:

Communicate with your team

Creating a team streamlines and simplifies communication with everyone at once! If you need to inform your entire team about one of your shared initiatives, you can do so simultaneously.

  • “@ mention” your team

We enjoy using the Updates Section to inform all board subscribers of an item’s latest updates. When we want to emphasize an update, we can “@ mention” the individuals who need to see it, and they will receive a bell notification so they don’t miss anything important!

When we want to ensure that the entire team sees an important message, we can @ mention the entire team by typing “@” followed by the team’s name.

This will ensure that everyone on the team receives a notification alerting them to this update.

  • Automatically update your team.

We want every member of our team to attend each taste test for our new varieties so that we can collectively select the victors. To ensure that everyone on our team is aware when a taste test is scheduled, we have added the following automation recipe.

We have modified the recipe so that the entire “Caramel Task Force” team is notified whenever a label in the Status Column “Taste Test” changes to “Scheduled.” Even the precise notification has been modified, as shown below:

This automation is just one example of how we can use automations to notify our team. Visit the Automations Center to discover all the creative ways you can notify, update, and designate various recipes to your team members!

Request to join a team.

Have you discovered a team that you wish to join? If so, you can now request to join a team with ease! Simply navigate to the team’s homepage and then select the “Request to join” link. Then, a request will be sent to any administrator or team member who can authorize team requests!

As shown below, you can also request to join a team by hovering over the team icon whenever it is designated to an item and then selecting “Request to join.”

Creating teams within your account is a fantastic method to keep everyone informed and up-to-date! Try it out today with your team. 🙌

For further questions, please visit our Knowledge Center. To view the Knowledge Center,  click the Home Page icon in the top left of your page, then select Help Center on the right side of the Home Page. Click Knowledge Center to visit our Help Pages. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our team by selecting the blue “Contact Us” button.