The basics of groups

Your objects (rows) are included in a group, which is a color-coded portion of your board that allows you to categorize and arrange them however you like. After creating a board, a group can stand in for whatever you desire, including a week, a month, a particular project stage, a client, or anything else!

Everything you can accomplish with a group is covered in this article.

Adding a new group

Your board will always have at least one group on it by default. You are free to add as many groups as you like! Here are several methods for adding a new group:

Choose “Group” by clicking on the blue “+ Add” button at the upper left of your board. The bottom of your board will then have a new group created, which you may rename and modify as you choose.


  • Any existing group’s title can be accessed by double clicking it and editing the text directly

Customizing a group

Once your group has been created, you can always give it a new name and select all the individuals/companies within the group for a bulk email, text, move to another group, and even add in another group directly 


Note: After moving data you are able to recover any data through the activity shown above for one month (30 days).

 Collapsing a group

You can collapse all of your groups, or just one, to receive a broad overview of all the groups on your board. Click the tiny arrow to the left of a group’s name to make it collapse. Click the group menu and choose “collapse all groups” to collapse all of your groups. Simply click each group to expand it!

Re-arranging a group

By selecting “move to top” as shown below:

 Important Note:  By clicking refresh you can ensure that you order change has been completed


Deleting a group

Simply click on the three-dot menu to the left of a group name and then select “Delete,” as shown below, to remove a group from your board.

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