How to communicate with my team

Communicating via SalesTitan will facilitate future reference and guarantee that nothing falls through the gaps. This article describes in detail how to communicate effectively with your team.

How to communicate with a teammate

To send a message to a teammate, simply open up the “Start Conversation” button to the right of any item on any board.  Once in the command center navigate to team chat.

Your team member will immediately receive a notification in their bell notification center’s “I was mentioned” section. Additionally, they can enable email notifications to be sent to them.

Being able to communicate in context will eliminate the need for multiple communications. You can also determine whether a team member has read your message by hovering over the eye in the lower-right corner of the update.

Mentioning multiple people at once

You can also mention everyone who is subscribed to an item, board, workstation, or even your entire account with a single click to make communication more efficient. Simply use the + chat members button and then select your members you want to message or you can have it automatically pull all members.

Receiving notifications

A notification will appear on your bell icon when you are mentioned in an update. You can also enable email notifications to be notified via email. Read this article to learn more about how notifications operate.

Does SalesTitan have a chat?

You can always integrate SalesTitan with Slack through our Slack integration and learn how to receive immediate SalesTitan notifications in Slack on this page. In addition, we offer an integration with MS Teams that instantaneously converts updates, new items, and modifications to a specific item into MS Teams messages!

If you require assistance constructing custom integrations, we offer paid assistance through our network of certified SalesTitan partners. Please complete this form if interested, and someone will contact you promptly!

For further questions, please visit our Knowledge Center.  To view the Knowledge Center, click the Home Page icon the top right of your page, then select “Support” and make you way to “Help Center” in the bottom left.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our team by selecting the blue “Contact Us” button.