Do you want to get the most out of the organizations on your board? By initiating one action and letting handle the rest, you can now quickly shift things across groups to reflect stages, a delegation of team members, or a time period! 

These automation recipes provide a new level of team cooperation and enable your team to smoothly and cooperatively manage projects inside your board and progress through project phases.

Note: For information on automating the cross-board movement of things, see this article!

How to set up the automation

You must first visit our automation shop on your board’s top bar in order to add the relevant cross-board recipe to your workflow:

There, you may build up the move item (inside a board) automation that supports your workflow by selecting from our several recipes:

Supported Triggers

These recipes currently support triggers from:

  • Status
  • Date
  • Timeline and
  • People.

So let’s explore the various recipes 😀 

Use Cases

1. Add the item to a group when the Status changes.

According to the stage a project is at as it relates to the Current queue, Up Next, and client review and approval, the video production in this use case is divided amongst the groups.

2. After some time, alert someone when an item is added to a group.

This recipe will help us to alert a team member when objects are moved across groups. Let’s suppose the sales representative can be contacted later at a time of your choice when anything changes between active and won leads.


3. Transfer the item to a group as the deadline approaches

 If your customer or project moves through stages depending on a certain date or time, this formula may be helpful. The item may be quickly transferred to the proper group; for instance, in the use case for work requests where orders are moved to groups according to date:

Move Item Recipes

  • Whenever a status changes, add the item to the group.
  • After the due date, add the item to the group.
  • When the deadline approaches, repeat the task and add it to this group.
  • Move the item to the group when the date comes and the status is something.
  • After some time, alert someone when an item changes to a group.9
  • After some time, transfer the item to the group when the status changes to anything.
  • When the due date comes, add the item to a group and postpone the date.
  • Move item to board when due date comes up (Crossboard)
  • Move item to board (Crossboard) when someone is allocated to someone.

Please read this post if you are interested in learning more about our selection of automation.

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