CRM Contacts:

Contacts are the Lead’s contact information stored in the AtmosAI database. If your lead is B2B, then your contact will be a representative of that company. If your lead is a direct customer, his name and details will be saved as a contact.

+Add a Contact:

Press the +Contact button to add new Contacts. You can also create new groups or import data from excel sheet. Secondary start inserting data directly from +Add new item row.

Delete a Contact:

Simply select a Contact by pressing the check box on the left of the “Name” – an option bar will appear in the bottom center of the page. Press “Delete” to delete the Contact or choose another option as per requirement.

Contacts Advance Features:

  • Search: Type in the search box and search for anything within the Contacts boards.
  • Person: Quick person filter allows users to filter Contacts person-wise.
  • Filter: The Contacts page has advanced filter options; you can filter data by a dedicated work stage filter or by the normal filter.
  • Sort: The Contacts page has multiple sort options; you can sort by a dedicated work stage sort or by normal sort.
  • Hide: Hide or Un Hide the unwanted columns by simply selecting or deselecting the columns.

Contacts Columns & their Meanings:

  • Status: Select the Status of the Contact.
  • Accounts: Connect account with the contact.
  • Deals: Add Deal to the relevant contact.
  • Title: Official title of the Contact.
  • Type: Type of the Contact.
  • Priority: Set priority levels.
  • Phone: Enter Contacts official number.
  • Email: Official Email address.
  • Company: Enter Company Name.
  • Deal Value: Is the amount of Deal.
  • Location: Location of the Contact in most cases office location.
  • Comments: Make a comment on a relevant piece of information regarding the contact.

Export Contacts to Excel File.

Select all the contacts.

An options bar will appear

Select Export

Select where you want to save your contacts

Your Contacts are now exported in an Excel file. 

Further work with Contacts:

To further work on your Contact, press “Open

Below explains how one can do more with Contacts.