What are the column choices?

SalesTitan provides you with a variety of column options for customizing your board.

This article discusses each column individually. To learn how to add a column to your board, click here.

The People Column

You can designate each task to a single member or multiple members to a single item using the People Column! It lets you visually identify who is responsible for what and assign assignments to team members. Click here for more information!

The Status Column

This column enables you to track the progress of your tasks visually. Customizable color labels are available in a full RBG Color wheel. You can also use the status column to prioritize and categorize your duties. 

Note: The Priority column will help assign task priorities, and the label column to categorize work with custom labels.

The Text Column 

This column lets you enter any text, such as a phone number, an address, or a brief comment.

The Date Column

You can define due dates for your tasks using the Date Column. This column will allow you to receive reminders of upcoming deadlines. 

The Numbers Column 

This column can monitor a budget, the quantity of items, the amount of time spent on a task, etc… This article expands on the subject.

The Timeline

The column is one of our favorites at SalesTitan. It is our version of the Gantt chart and enables you to manage individuals and their workloads visually. 

The Tags

This enables you to list several keywords that will be displayed alongside a hashtag symbol (#). The Tags Column will allow you to organize items from various groups or boards by a consistent keyword throughout your account.

Connect Boards Column

The Connect Boards Column enables you to effortlessly connect one or more of your boards to the one you are currently on. In addition, this column functions in conjunction with the Mirror Column (discussed next) to help reflect data from a different board onto the current one.

The Mirror Column

In conjunction with the Connect Boards Column, the Mirror Column enables you to mirror and synchronize specific information (columns) from one board to another. By doing so, you can easily modify either board, which will be reflected in the other board.

The Rating Column

This column in our Column Center allows you to rate or organize your items visually.  Check out this article for more information.

The Dropdown Column

The Dropdown Column enables you to define and select available options. This column allows you to choose multiple options for each cell.

The World Clock Column

This incredible column is a game changer if you manage leads or have a contact list of users around the globe with whom you need to communicate in different time zones. It enables you to view the time based on the timezone of each individual.

See how it operates right here.

The Checkbox Column

We are all familiar with the gratifying sensation of marking an item as “checked” We now provide the option to do so via our Checkbox Column!  

 This article expands on the subject.

The Link Column

The Link Column permits the addition of hyperlinks to any website. Each object can be customized with a unique web address and display text.

Find out more about this column here.

The Creation Log Column

The Creation Log Column automatically inserts the creator and creation date into each item!

Check out this article for more information.


The Auto-Number Column

The Auto-Number Column permits you to number your objects based on their position in the group/board. This column is fantastic for keeping track of the number of assignments on your board. It’s also helpful if you’ve placed orders and require monitoring numbers.  Check out the specifics of its operation right here.

The Country Column

In addition to displaying the country’s name, this column will also display its flag. This column is best when put aside with the World Clock column; it will help you identify country and timezone in just one glance. Please find out how it operates right here.

The Vote Column

The Vote Column offers your team and board members an opportunity to vote for their favorite items. Discover more here.

The Location Column

The Location Column enables you to enter the address of a particular location and view it on a map. Check out the specifics of its operation right here.

The Week Column

This week’s selector is helpful for visually determining when a project or assignment is due. Learn more by tapping on the link provided.


The Progress Tracking Column

The Progress Tracking Column enables you to aggregate each item’s status columns into a single, battery-like view. This column is required to monitor the progress of your duties visually. This article expands on the subject.

The Long Text 

The Long Text Column is identical to the Text Column, except that it is lengthier. It can include a guideline, a description, or any other long text associated with your item.

The Phone  Column

You can now initiate calls directly from SalesTitan’s Phone Column to your contacts!   This column is ideal if you’re using SalesTitan CRM and need to make calls to clients, suppliers, and others. This article expands on the subject.

The Item ID Column

The Item ID Column enables you to assign a unique identification number to each item on your board. 

The Last Updated Column

Want to determine who last modified your item and when quickly? You need to look no further! Add the Last Updated Column on your board. Check out this article for more information.


The File Column

The File Column enables you to associate files to each board item. Check out this article for more information.

The Email Column

The Email Column lets you attach a contact’s email address to an item and send emails with a single click! Please find out how it operates right here. 


For further questions, please visit our Knowledge Center.  To view the Knowledge Center, click the Home Page icon the top right of your page, then select “Support” and make you way to “Help Center” in the bottom left.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our team by selecting the blue “Contact Us” button.Sa