The progress tracking column enables you to combine the status columns of each item into a single, battery-like view. This column is essential for visually monitoring the progression of your duties.

How to add it?

To add it, click the “+New” at the right corner of your board and select “more columns.”

Search for “Progress Tracking” in the Column Center of the columns and select add it to your board.

How does it work?

Once you’ve added the column, your progress bar will display the percentage of your tasks that have been completed based on the various status columns on your board. The percentage in each column represents the number of completed assignments.

For instance, the Progress Tracking Column for the first item on the board displays 75% because three out of four Status Columns have been marked as completed.

The percentage displayed in the footer (located directly beneath the column) indicates the aggregate percentage of completed tasks within the group. When you designate a task as complete, the percentage reflects the change. When you alter your status columns to “done,” the item’s progress bar will display 100 percent. 

Note: Automation and the Formula Column do not support the Progress Tracking Column.


If your board contains multiple status columns, each representing a distinct phase of a task, you can link each of these columns to the progress tracking. Click the three-dot menu next to the progress column’s header, then click “Settings,” and then select  “Customize Progress Tracking Column”:

Then, simply select or deselect the columns you want the progress column to contemplate and adjust the percentage displayed within the selected columns until it adds up to 100 percent.


If you want each Status Column to have the same value when calculating the Progress Tracking Column, you can click the “Distribute weight equally” icon, and then all of the selected columns will have the same percentage, adding up to 100%!

Note: Adding a new Status Column to your board will not automatically include it in the calculation for an existing Progress Tracking Column. To incorporate it into the calculation, navigate to the column settings, select the box to the left of the newly added Status Column, and adjust the percentage as necessary.

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