The Last Updated column

If you're seeking a quick and easy method to view when and by whom your pulse was last modified, look no further! Just add the last updated column. Please continue reading to learn how it functions.  

How to add it

To add the column, select the “+” icon on the right side of your columns and choose “Last Updated” from the drop-down menu as shown below:


Note: To locate this column select the “More columns” button to access the complete column center and search for this column type.

How it works

After it has been added, the column will immediately show the individual who last updated a particular item and the date and time the alteration was made.

Note: The updates made to an item within the board’s columns will be reflected in the Last Updated Column but not when a post is made in the updates section.

Different Types of Updated Columns 

SalesTitan gives you a number of different kinds of updated columns including: Latest Communication, Latest Communication Date, Latest Communication, User, First Communication date, First Communication Date:
Latest Communication, First Communication, and Latest Communication User. 
The Latest Communciation and First Communication columns highlight various communication forms like email, phone, text, whatsapp, ect. Providing the user managing the client with a brief overview of the recent contact’s channel and initiator.

 Note: To see the entire history report open the command center by clicking on the “start conversation” button to the right of any items name or title.
First/Latest Communication Date 
The First/Latest Communciation date columns are great for keeping track of sale lifecycle, project timeline, and more! A very effective tool to keep you and your team accountable and on track. 
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