With the Email Column, you can easily associate an email address with an item and swiftly send emails to the corresponding contact. Follow these steps to add the Email Column to your board:

How to add it

To incorporate the Email Column, click on the + icon in your board’s top right corner and select “More columns.”

Select “Email” as in the image below:

You can then add the email address and choose text you want to display in the column.

When you click on the email address, your default email application will open and allow you to send an email directly to your contact.

Email Column settings

To adjust the behavior of your Email Column based on your preferences, go to “Column Settings” and select “Customize Email Column.”

At this juncture, you can choose whether to include the item name in the email subject, send email responses to the item, or establish a BCC list. Let’s delve into each of these options further.

  • Include pulse name in the subject.

If you enable this setting, the email’s subject will include the item name.

Suppose you click on the email address within the first item. In that case, the subject of the email will be automatically set to the name of the first item. 

  • BCC email list

Lastly, by utilizing the “BCC email list” option, you can input multiple email addresses separated by a semi-colon. These addresses will be automatically added to the BCC list of the email you send.

After selecting an email address from the Email Column, a list of email addresses included in the BCC field will be displayed, as shown below.


Send Multiple Emails Simultaneously 

Leverage the Bulk Email feature to effortlessly send extensive e-blasts to both potential and existing clients, eliminating the need for repetitive email creation.
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