The Leads section of the ATMOSai CRM gives you the ability to keep track of any status changes or communications with your Leads and also to add notes, email, SMS (text) and call Leads with the click of a button. 

Add a Lead

To add a lead, choose the CRM in the menu to the left, then  cick the (+) beside “Leads”. A box will appear, allowing you to input both “Company Name” and “Contact Name”. 

Interesting Fact: When you create a Lead using Customer Name and Contact Name, a new Contact will automatically be created under Contacts. Contact details may be manually added under the Leads page, but we recommend inputting these details under “Contacts”, as there are more comprehensive options. 

Tasks, Opportunities, Contacts, and Custom Fields

Once in the Lead page, you find several options on the left side, including Tasks, Opportunities, Contacts and Custom Fields. Each section may be customized to include additional details about the Lead. 

Let’s discuss each section: 


  • Here, you can add a Task Description, Date and Time. You can also assign a User to this task (based on the User’s added to your account). 
  • This is a great way to keep up with tasks associated with a Lead and to assign User’s to these tasks, preventing the lead from falling through the cracks. 


  • The Opportunities section allows you to set a Status, Estimated Close date, Confidence level, Value (one-time, monthly or annually), assign Contact, assign User and Notes, along with any Custom Fields for that Opportunity. 
  • Furthermore, any Opportunities inputted under the Lead will also populate to the “Sales Pipeline” and List under the Opportunities sub-menu item (in the CRM). 
  • The Sales Pipeline gives the User a great visual of all opportunities in the pipeline and also enables you to drag-and-drop the opportunity to a different statuses. To give an example, once the demo is completed, you can drag the opportunity from “Demo Scheduled” to “Demo Completed”. Next, the opportunity may move to “Proposal Sent”. 


  • When a Lead is added and a Contact is input, the Contact will show on the Leads page below Opportunities. Here, you can add contact details, any Custom Fields associated with that Contact and also additional Contacts. 
  • Contacts also appear under “Contacts” in the sub-menu under CRM. More detail is available under the Contacts sub-menu item. 

Custom Fields

  • To create a Custom Field for this Lead, “Select Create a New Custom Field”. Once the Custom Field is created, it may be selected from the dropdown. It will also be an option in the dropdown for other Leads moving forward (if needed). 

To view one specific activity on a Lead page, choose the All Activities dropdown at the top of the page, then select the activity you would like to view, such as “Status Change”.