Using the Predictive Dialer

What is a predictive dialer?

If you’re not sure what a predictive dialer is and whether you should use it, check out our in-depth post here. You’ll get a clear understanding of the pros and cons of predictive dialing and decide whether it fits in with parts of your sales process. If you’re still unsure – just reach out to and we’ll be happy to hop on a call with you!

Setting up predictive calling

Once you’ve made the decision to turn on predictive dialing, here’s how you enable it for your organization.

First time setup
On any Clear View, click into the Call dropdown and select Manage.

Under Dialer Options, you’ll see an option to complete the predictive calling setup.

The first time you enable predictive calling, you’ll have to complete a quick setup. This includes:

Setting a Group Caller ID
Because predictive calling dials out from the system and not a specific user, you’ll need to specify a group number to appear as the Caller ID on these calls. If you have yet to set up a group number, the setup will guide you through the process or you can refer to this guide here.

Clear Views are able to have different group numbers assigned as the Caller ID. So if you currently have multiple group numbers set up for your calling teams, you can assign their group number to their predictive calling Clear Views.

Recording an abandonment message
When a call is answered by a lead but there are no users available, the lead will hear an abandonment message. The abandonment message must contain the following information:

The name of your organization
A contact telephone number

There is one abandonment message per organization, and you can change it at any time within Settings > Communication > Dialer.

Toggling predictive mode on
Once the initial setup has been completed, you can easily toggle predictive dialing on for any Clear View.

Calling in predictive mode

The calling queue
When dialing in predictive mode and not currently connected to a call, your users will see the screen below containing the following information:

Current list being called and how many leads within that list have been dialed
Total number of calls made using the predictive dialer today to that specific Clear View
Users currently dialing the same Clear View and their status.
Leads currently being dialed

Connecting to a call
When a call is answered, you will see the leads individual lead page as you are connected to a call, and a call note will be automatically populated.

Once the call is ended, you can take notes as you normally would and update the lead. The dialer will not attempt to place you back into the calling queue while you are editing the lead.

You can also pause the dialer, or jump right back into the queue using the Pause or Call Next Lead buttons in your call bar.

Finding abandoned calls

As mentioned above, if someone answers a call but there’s no sales person available, the Predictive Dialer will automatically play a recorded Predictive Calling Abandonment Message letting them know who called and how to get in touch with you.