Using the Power Dialer

The best way to call a large number of Leads quickly is by using the Power Dialer. The Dialer will call through a Clear View without you having to manually click into each Lead to call.

Starting a Power Dialer Session

To start a Dialer session, you’ll first want to build the list of Leads that you intend to call. You’ll need to first build a Clear View that contains the right leads to call.

Once you have the list ready, simply click the Call button at the top and your Power Dialer session will begin.

You’ll notice that the Power Dialer will automatically begin to dial the next Lead.

If the call is answered, you’re able to take notes, and make edits to the Lead before the Dialer will attempt to call the next Lead.

The Power Dialer checks the Clear View every 5 minutes or less for Leads entering or leaving based on its query. Leads get slotted in at the appropriate spot based on your Clear View’s sort parameter.

When a lead enters at the top of the Clear View, it will be called next. When a lead enters at the end of the Clear View, it will be called after the dialer attempted to call all other leads. Similarly, leads that are no longer in the Clear View will be removed from the call queue.

For example, if you have sort:-created (newer Leads appearing first) as part of the search query on your Clear View, the newest Lead will automatically be one of the next Leads that gets called.

Pausing a Power Dialer Session

If you need to pause the Power Dialer for any reason, you can click the pause icon on the Call Bar.

When you’re ready to begin calling again, just click Call Next Lead.

Resuming or Restarting a Power Dialer Session

If you get pulled away completely from Atmos during a Power Dialer session, you can pick up where you left off by going back to the Smart View and starting a Power Dialer session again.

Resuming the Power Dialer session will continue to call through any Lead in the list that has yet to be called, or has not been reached in the last hour. If you’d like to override this setting, just click the call dropdown and select Reset. This will call everyone in the list again.