Creating a Subscription Product

Subscriptions lets you create simple subscription products or variable subscriptions products, much like ATMOSai does for your regular products. 

We have two subscription product options, including Simple Subscription Products and Variable Subscription Products. 

To create a subscription product:

  1. Login to your ATMOSai site and choose Products in the Menu, then click the “Products” Sub-Menu item. Choose Add New in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Under Product Data (middle of the page), choose either Simple Subscription or Variable Subscription. Variable Subscriptions are explained in a section below.
  3. Set the terms for the subscription, including priceexpiration date, sign-up fee, free trial period and sale price.
  4. As instructed in Managing Products, please add any product details you require.
  5. Save.

Add Subscription Product

Choosing the Payment Schedule

Subscriptions gives you a lot of flexibility in scheduling renewals for your subscription products.

Under price, you can manage billing frequency, whether that be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Want to charge a monthly payment? Set the price to every month.

Flexible Recurring Billing Schedules

The payment schedule is also the schedule used to generate renewal orders as part of the renewal process. If you are shipping physical goods, use the same payment schedule as your intended shipping schedule (e.g., $5/month for a product shipped monthly, not $60/year for a product shipping monthly). By using the same shipping and billing schedule, you can use renewal orders for each payment to manage shipping. That said, there is a way to have a different payment schedule and shipping schedule.

Subscription Length (the “Expire after” field)

The Expire after field allows you to end a subscription after a predetermined amount of time. Subscriptions for subscription products with a value in this field have a maximum length, after which they expire and are no longer active.

Subscriptions for subscription products with Never expire set in the Expire after field can renew indefinitely as long as renewal payments are successful. If no expiration is required, simply choose the default, “Never Expire”.

For example, consider a one year magazine subscription, billed monthly, with a fee of $5/month. The expiration of the subscription would be 12 months and the billing period would be one month. In the subscription product details, this would be:

Subscription price: $5 every month
Expire after: 12 months

Setting the subscription length (the “Expire after” field)

Subscription length, or Expiration, and billing period are not the same thing. The subscription length is the length of the entire subscription, not a single billing period within that subscription.

Free Trial Periods

You can add a free trial period to the beginning of a subscription.

This period is added to any length you set for the subscription. For example, if you create a subscription of $5 per month for 6 months with a 1-month free trial period, the subscription will expire after 7 months.

When a subscription has a sign-up fee and no free trial period, the initial payment is the total of the sign-up fee and price per period. For example, a $5/month subscription with $10 sign-up fee will charge $15 for the first month. On the other hand, if a subscription has a sign-up fee and a free trial, only the sign-up fee is charged at the beginning of the subscription period. If there is no sign-up fee, nothing is charged at the beginning of the subscription period.

Sign-Up Fees

A sign-up fee is an amount that can be added to the beginning of a subscription.

This sign-up fee is in addition to any recurring amount that you have set for the subscription product. For example, if you create a subscription product for $75 per month with a $200 sign-up fee, the subscription’s initial total during checkout will be $275.

When a subscription has a sign-up fee and a free trial, only the sign-up fee is charged at the beginning of the subscription period. If there is no free trial period set on the subscription product with a sign-up fee, the price charged at the beginning of the subscription is the sum of the sign-up fee and the recurring first month’s total.

Variable Subscriptions

The Variable Subscription product type is similar to Variable Product. To learn more, read Variable Product to understand the difference between a Variable Product or Subscription and a Simple Product or Subscription.

In addition to allowing different product attributes, each variation in a Variable Subscription can have a unique:

  • Sign-up fee
  • Trial period
  • Recurring price
  • Billing period
  • Subscription length (Expiration)