SMS, better known as text messaging, has been integrated into the ATMOSai platform and is a beneficial tool to improve response rates, especially with Contacts and Leads. Many individuals keep their phone on their person at all times, regularly checking text messages but only checking emails at certain times of day. SMS is also thought of as more personal. 

Prior to sending an SMS, or text message, you must obtain an internally issued phone number from ATMOSai. The phone number provided must match the country of your recipient. To give an example, if you’re sending a message to US or Canada, the number must begin with a +1. Choose “Settings”, then select “Phone & Voicemails” to confirm your country code. 

To send SMS messages to countries other than the US or Canada, you will need a number that is SMS-enabled for those specific countries.

International SMS is not currently supported by ATMOSai; you may learn more by viewing the Adding a Number Help Page. 

How to send an SMS?

To send an SMS, you will view a Lead, then click the SMS button at the top of the page. 

A message box will appear for you to craft your message, and press send. The character limit for SMS is 1000 characters. To send a longer message, the email functionality must be used. 

Can SMS be received?

Of course! If your lead replies to you or sends an SMS to the internal SMS-enabled number on file, the message will appear both in your CRM Inbox and on the Lead page. 

What numbers are supported?

ATMOSai supports SMS on any SMS-enabled phone number that is purchased through Twilio using the ATMOSai system (after integrating your Twilio account with Atmos, simply go to Settings > Phone and Voicemails to create a new phone number). This includes group phone numbers.