Close more deals with actionable insights.

Pull the biggest growth levers with our customizable, flexible reporting: from projections to leaderboards and every KPI in between.

Atmos has several different reports based on the types of metrics needed to track.

First, find the Activity Overview Report by going to ATMOSai>CRM>Reporting. 

Sales Team Activity Tracking

  • Activity Comparison:
    Compare time-based reports. How did you perform in Q1 this year vs Q4 last year? Atmos gives you all the answers you need at any given time, both for individual reps and your overall team.

  • Activity Overview:
    Act on priority metrics. Get a holistic view of your team’s time on phone, see the distribution of customer data attributes, or rank the performance across your team based on deal value close.

  • Status Change
    See the movement of your leads down your pipeline and track the number of leads in different statuses over time. Understand how many leads are moving on to a won opportunity versus lost.

  • Sent Email
    Understand the efficacy of your email communication by seeing sent numbers overall and by template, as well as open rates and response rates. View by team member or overall.

Opportunity Tracking

  • Opportunity Pipeline
    Keep a pulse on pipeline health and make accurate projections on open deals–all in one kanban- style view.

  • Opportunity List
    If kanban is not your jam, organize opportunities in a list, filterable and sortable by date, user, pipeline, status, etc.

Exporting Reporting

Easily export your data to external reporting solutions without losing critical insights. Whether it’s a custom dashboard, spreadsheets or advanced BI tool, we’ve got you covered.