Power & Predictive Dialing

Power Dialer

A power dialer is a piece of automated telephone technology that dials a phone number right after a call is completed. As soon as the caller is finished with a call, the power dialer will call the next contact on the list.

Power dialing creates efficiency for your team because they don’t have to spend time figuring out which number to call next. Plus, your sales team won’t be wasting time manually dialing numbers—the software does it for them.

When a power dialer reaches a number that’s disconnected, busy, or unattended, it will automatically call the next phone number on the contact list. When the contact answers the phone, the power dialer immediately connects them to the caller.

The magic of the Atmos power dialer is that it’s built directly inside of Atmos, using the same workflow customers know and love. In a single click, the Power Dialer will automatically start calling through any saved Clear View in the order Leads appear.

Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is call automation software that allows sales teams to dial multiple numbers at once, where the technology behind the dialer detects when a real human answers the phone and immediately routes an available sales rep to that call.

Predictive dialing routes you straight to a recipient the moment they answer, thus unlocking more of your reps valuable time to reach and close real prospects, while helping them stay fully warmed up and in the zone throughout the day.

Your reps literally never have to dial a number of click a call button again. They never have to hang up because of a voicemail, 1800 number, or busy signal. Atmos will dial lead list behind-the-scenes, automatically discard these annoying outcomes, and only connect reps when a real human answers the call.