Porting your Number

Porting process for Twilio numbers

If your numbers are with Twilio, ATMOSai is fully integrated with Twilio, and this process has been simplified substantially.

Create a Support Ticket with ATMOSai (by clicking the (?) in the top right corner of the page) with the following information:
Phone numbers – the full phone numbers you wish to move
Your Twilio account SID – identifier that starts with AC
We’ll submit a ticket to Twilio to request a transfer. 
You’ll submit the same ticket from your end as well so Twilio can confirm the transfer. 

If we need any additional information, we will contact you. 

Porting numbers from other carriers

Download or take a screenshot of the most recent invoice from your phone carrier which proves the ownership of the number. Another option is to find the Customer Service Record (CSR) for the phone number. You only need to send in one of these.

Submit a Support Ticket (?) and include the following:

Invoice screenshot or your CSR
Do you need SMS functionality for the number(s)?
Is this a wireless number port? If yes, share the wireless account number and PIN/passcode. (If you don’t know the account number or PIN/passcode, ask your phone carrier.)
Your preferred port date. (Keep in mind that processing a port request often takes 5-10 business days).

Porting numbers out of ATMOSai

You can port-out your numbers from Atmos at any time.

To initiate a port-out from Atmos , please submit a Support Ticket (?) with the number you are porting out and the gaining (new) provider name.

If you’re moving over to another Twilio subaccount, you’ll use to submit an internal-transfer ticket to Twilio (third-party).
If you’re moving to a non-Twilio provider, we’ll send you the CSR information that you need to submit with your new provider to initiate a port request.
Once we receive a request for a port-out, we’ll approve it on our end.