Opportunity Pipelines & Statuses

What is an Opportunity Pipeline and Lead Status?

This is a useful feature in the ATMOSai system and is used to track leads through the sales cycle. The Opportunity Pipeline assist the User in following leads through a sales funnel.

Similarly, Opportunity Statuses are used as descriptors to track a deal through the Pipeline.

ATMOSai has the following preset Statuses available for the user under Sales Pipeline, however, these statuses may be customized to fit your business:

First Contact: This status suggests first contact has been made with the Lead.
Demo Scheduled: This status suggests a demo has been scheduled with the Lead.
Demo Completed: This status suggests a product demonstration has been completed.
Proposal Sent: This status suggests a proposal has been sent to the Lead.
Contract Sent: This status suggests a contract has been sent but awaits signature.
Won: This suggests the Lead will proceed with your product or service.
Lost: This status suggests the Lead will not proceed with your service.

The above Opportunity Statuses don’t necessarily have to align with Lead Status, but we do recommend that Lead Status also be adjusted to fit the Lead’s Opportunity Status.

The following Lead Statuses are preset in ATMOSai but may also be adjusted to fit your business. These statuses will appear in the table under Status on the main Leads page (All Leads) and will also appear at the top right of the specific Lead page.

Qualified: This Lead has been vetted by your sales team and is a quality Lead.
Bad Fit: This Lead is not a good fit for your product or service.
Not Interested: This Lead may be a good fit but is not interested.
Interested: This Lead has shown interest in your product or service.
Customer: This Lead has been won and is now a customer.
Potential: This lead fits the target customer description and shows potential to purchase.

Creating Opportunity Pipelines and Lead Statuses

As mentioned above, the Sales Pipeline section of the CRM (under Opportunities) may be adjusted to fit your specific business needs, and you may also set multiple pipelines; one set of Pipeline Statuses may make sense for one team, while another set of statuses may make sense for another group. To give an example, the tech side of your business would likely require different Sales Pipeline Statuses than an eCommerce business that sells physical goods.

To create a new Pipeline, choose the “CRM” in the main menu, then select “Settings”. Once in Settings, click “Statuses and Pipelines”. Then, choose the “+ New Pipeline” button at the bottom of the page. Then, input a Name for your pipeline and begin adding statuses. Of note, when creating a new Sales Pipeline Status, you must select an Opportunity Status, which are preset to Active, Won and Lost. 

Deleting or Editing an Opportunity Pipeline or Lead Status

To maintain functionality of the Sales Pipeline, each organization using the ATMOSai platform must have at least one Pipeline in their account and must also have Lead Statuses. You may have multiple Opportunity Pipelines but only one set of Lead Statuses. 

First, you may drag and drop the existing choices to fit your needs, and you may also edit the name of the pipeline or status by clicking the “Edit” feature beside each status. To delete a sub-status or opportunity, simply choose the “Delete” button. To edit or delete an entire Opportunity Pipeline, click “Edit” or “Delete” beside the primary name of the Pipeline. 

Opportunity Statuses

You’re probably wondering, why do you need to set an Opportunity Status for each Opportunity Pipeline option? 

It is used to calculate the revenue for each pipeline (Active) and also to calculate the number of leads Won and Lost.  Opportunity Statuses of “Active”, “Won” and “Lost” have been preset for you and may not be changed.