Opportunity List

With Atmos tracking your business’ growth and data, we want to make sure our reports are as useful as possible to your sales teams. The Opportunity List focuses on any created opportunities, their activity, and how the Leads are progressing though the Sales Pipeline.  

This report is exportable by pressing the export button in the top right of the Opportunity List Page. For even more customized reporting, check out our API documentation or our other integrations with third parties. 

Using the Opportunities Overview Report

The Opportunities List report displays an overall summary of the opportunities and is an important help when sales teams are managing deals and forecasting within Atmos. When an opportunity is created within a Lead’s page, it will automatically populate into the Opportunities List report.

The Opportunities List can be found in the menu on the left-hand side. You’ll press the CRM tab, select Opportunities, and then select List in the dropdown. 

Filtering and Sorting the Report

Once on the Opportunities List Page, the report will display the total number of opportunities that fall under the chosen filters, along with the total value and expected value of those opportunities. There are various filters at the top of the page that allow you to organize the report by Leads, Users, Statuses, and different date ranges. 

On the upper right side of the Opportunity List page, you can further customize how the opportunities are grouped and sorted. For example, you have the ability to group the opportunities by different time ranges (week, month, quarter, or year) or by user. Based on what is selected, the opportunities will be displayed in blue subcategories, beneath the main opportunities box. 

Opportunities can also be sorted by Close Date, Value, Confidence Level (all these established when opportunity was created), or User. See our Opportunities Help Page for a reminder about how to create an opportunity within a Lead. 

As you scroll down your report, you can see the individual deal details on each Opportunity and the report provides links to jump to the actual Lead Page for more information. You can also customize the columns to see more or fewer details on the Opportunity view. For example, if it’s important to see a particular Custom Field, you can add that to the report.

One of the most helpful ways to customize this report is to filter it by an existing Clear View. For instance, if you are a sales manager and you want to see the pipeline view for your entire team, not just one sales rep, you can first create a Clear View for the team, then filter the Opportunities Report by the Clear View.