Lead Status

Lead Statuses are helpful for you to track the position of your Leads throughout the sales cycle. These Lead Statuses are displayed on the Leads page, enabling you to easily track the Status of each Lead. Lead Status may also be viewed by clicking into a specific lead page. 

Each Lead Status will be displayed as Lead-“Status”, and the following Lead Statuses have already been pre-set for you: Qualified, Not a Fit, Not Interested, Follow Up, Won and Lost. If a Lead Status is set to “Qualified”, for example, the Status will display as “Lead-Qualified”. The pre-set statuses may be adjusted to fit your needs at anytime. 

Please read the below sections to learn more about using Lead Statuses. 

Defining Lead Statuses

Lead Statuses are an important aspect of the Lead (and eventually sales) process, as the statuses help illustrate to the Lead’s connection to the company. The following pre-set Lead Statuses are available and may be customized to fit your needs: Qualified, Not a Fit, Not Interested, Follow Up, Won and Lost.

Example Lead Statuses

Qualified: A lead that has been vetted by your sales team

Not a Fit: A lead that is not a good fit for the product or service offered

Not Interested: A lead that may be a good fit but is not interested

Follow Up: A lead that needs to be followed-up with

Won: A lead that has been converted to a customer

Lost: A lead that was not converted to a customer

Lead Statuses - Customization

The pre-set Lead Statuses within the ATMOSai platform may need to be customized to fit the needs of certain businesses, and we have developed that capability. 

First, choose the CRM menu option, then click “Settings”.  Under “Customization”, select “Statuses and Pipeline”, and you will see a new Statuses page appear with two options, including “Lead Statuses” and “Opportunity Pipelines and Statuses”. 

Under Lead Statuses, you can edit an existing Lead Status by clicking the “pencil” option beside the Lead Status you would like to edit. If an existing Lead Status is being edited, the Leads already assigned to the original Lead Status will now be displayed using the renamed Lead Status.  

In addition, Lead Statuses can also be added by typing a Lead Status and clicking “Add”. To change the order of the Lead Statuses, simply drag-and-drop each Lead Status to fit your preferences. 

Delete a Lead Status

In the event you need to delete a particular Lead Status, choose the CRM menu option, then click “Settings”. Once in Settings, find the “Customization” section and select “Statuses and Pipeline”. 

Once into the “Statuses and Pipeline” page, find the “Lead Statuses” section. To delete a status, simply click the trashcan icon and follow the prompts.