Lead Assignment and Custom Fields


Lead Assignment is a valuable tool for your team to manage Leads and to streamline the Lead process, primarily as Leads migrate through the Sales Pipeline. 

How is Lead Assignment Managed?

To assign Users to your Leads, it’s best to use the “Custom Fields” option at the bottom left of the specific Lead’s page. 

Why is Lead Assignment important? 

To a small, close-knit team that discusses prospective Leads or considers each lead a team effort, it may not be necessary to assign a specific User. 

On the contrary, if you have many Agents or individuals who manage Leads throughout the sales process, it will be of utmost importance to ensure a Lead is assigned to a specific User. 

If you need a Lead Owner, you will want to create a “Lead Owner” Custom Field. An associated dynamic list of Users may be set to automatically populate as a drop down for Lead Owner, enabling you to easily assign a Lead Owner to each Lead. 

In the event several Users interact with the same Lead, it may be warranted to create several Custom Fields for those User roles. To give an example, you may want to assign a “Support Owner”, “Demo Owner” or some other owner of that Lead. 

Manual Assignment

Lead Assignment may be handled a couple of ways, including both Manual Assignment and Bulk Assignment. 

First, let’s review Manual Assignment, which is ideal for companies that have Agents who cultivate their own leads or for Teams who work within a pool of leads. In both scenarios, it’s beneficial for a Lead Owner, or otherwise, to be assigned to a Lead. 

To manually assign a Lead, you must first create a Custom Field(s), such as Lead Owner, Demo Owner or other User designation. First, go to the CRM in the main menu, then choose “Settings”. Under Customization, click “Custom Fields” and ensure the “Leads” tab is selected at the top. At the top right of the page, select “+ New Leads Custom Fields”. Then, insert a “Name”, “Type” and “Description” for your new Custom Field. Type is important here, as it defines the input for the Custom Field; these inputs may be dynamic and may include many choice, including one or multiple Users. 

Bulk assignment:

Best for: Reps or administrators uploading lists or redistributing leads

For teams that regularly import lists of lead via our Bulk Importer, it’s best to use the importer or bulk editing methods to reassign leads.

Assigning prior to file import:

One way to assign a lead to an individual through bulk importing would be to include a column with your lead owner custom field and corresponding user in the file you’re importing. This method is especially useful if your team is prospecting and importing their own leads.

Be sure to provide and exact match between the name in Atmos and the name in your file.

Assigning after file import:

If you want to assign a recently imported list to a user or users in Atmos , you can view the leads from your recent import and assign via a bulk edit.

To view leads in an import, navigate to your imports and click View in Atmos . Once you have your list, click “edit” at the top of the leads page. Select the User custom field and add the name of your sales rep via the value drop down.