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This page will help you get started with AtmosAI. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Admins will invite their coworkers into their Atmos Organization. Check your email for an invitation link, and if you don’t see one, please ask your admin to resend the invitation.

Welcome to AtmosAI!

Kindly Login with your credentials to Get started.


After logging In to your AtmosAI account - go to Home Page - on the right-hand side of your home screen you will find Getting Started.

Getting Started: 

Press the Getting Started button.

Welcome aboard – Now press – Help me setup to continue. 

Below you will find the Six steps formstart filling them out (make sure you insert the correct information), which will help you set up AtmosAI Business Operating System

Step 1: Setup Account 

Fill out the basic personal details, including your Name – Email ID – Address – Phone number & Social Media profiles.

Step 2: Business Details & Picture Upload

Easily upload your profile picture with just one click.

Add business details, including – Business Name – Company Website – Business Address – Company Size (Number of Employees) – Business Email/Admin Email & your Operating Time Zone.

Step 3: Connect Email

Whether you have a Microsoft outlook email address, Gmail, or a custom email id, easily connect it with AtmosAI Business System to see your email threads directly in the system.

Connect with Microsoft Outlook – Insert your exisiting email address – press next and complete the process.

Connect with Gmail – Insert your exisiting email address – press next and complete the process.

Connect with the Custome email server – Insert your email address, and complete the process.

Step 4: Setup Banking

Whether you use Paypal, Stripe, or any other payment processor, connect it with AtmosAI and quickly start processing your payments.

Step 5: Enable Telephony

To stay connected with your clients, add your Twilio account with AtmosAI. If you do not have a Twilio account, sign up for a new account by pressing the Create Account button below. 


To ensure that you don’t miss any Steps above, kindly watch the below video tutorial and make sure you successfully complete the account setup process. 

Progress Bar:

The progress bar will inform you of your profile completion rate. As you complete each step, the progress bar will increase, letting you know how much profile completion remains


Pro tip – Make sure to complete your profile 100% with the correct information so the operating system will start performing smoothly.

Mark as Complete: 

After the above process is done – Press Mark as complete.

After pressing the Mark as complete button above, the following window will appear.

Invite other team members: 

After successfully setting up your account – Send invitations to your team members and add them to their respective product categories. E.g., (If a team member only works in Sales, select Sales Hub from the products option below and send the invitation.)

You can also select Member only or Viewer read-only version depending upon the job description of your team members and work requirement.

Set up your first lead or import existing leads: 

Set up your first lead or import an exisiting leads file by clicking the configure button.

Import your existing leads data in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Import data from an Excel file to AtmosAI Operating System.

Choose a file from your system:

Click the Choose files button – Browse through your system and select the Excel file containing the leads.

After selecting the file – Press Next.

Step 2: Map your data

Choose the column from your imported excel file, which will be your first column in your AtmosAI CRM system board.

Step 3: Map the columns from Excel file to the columns in the system board

After selecting the columns, press Next.

Step 4: Choose how to handle duplicates 

From the options given, choose whether you want to Create new items, Skip the duplicate items, or Overwrite existing items. 

Add apps like Quotes and Invoices or campaigns.


Select additional features from the AtmosAI appsmarketplace below.

Sync your Gmail or Outlook: 

Synchronize your Gmail or Outlook inbox with AtmosAI -receive and view your emails directly in the system.

Customize Sales Pipelines: 

Customize your sales pipelines with one easy step press Configure.