Email Syncing

Which emails are synced?

Atmos attaches any incoming and outgoing emails to a lead where a matching email address is present as part of the contact in Atmos . Atmos also associates replies to emails coming from a different email address. For example, when you email a lead and get a reply from a different email address, the reply will be associated with your lead, so you don’t need to forward it to Atmos manually. Note this doesn’t work if an email was sent to two or more leads with different email addresses, as it wouldn’t be possible to assign the reply to the correct lead.

Simply import your leads/contacts and enter your email credentials, and relevant emails will be synced. If you don’t have another way to import all your sales contacts, consider doing an “export” of your sales-related email contacts from Gmail or any other email program.

If you prefer to exclude certain email domains (e.g. your company domains) from Atmos , please email support. By default, Atmos excludes your main company domain which you used to sign up for Atmos , and any domains that are associated with your connected email accounts.

Internal domains/emails

If your teammate sent you a test email, but it didn’t show up in Atmos , it was probably due to internal email filtering.

We deliberately filter out intra-organization emails due to privacy reasons through the internal emails/domains setting on our end. By default, the domain you signed up with is added as your internal domain, as well as the email addresses for other Atmos users in your Atmos organization.


Bob, Karen, and Sue are coworkers at ACME Company
Bob is an ATMOSai user and uses
Karen is a ATMOSai user and uses
Sue is not a ATMOSai user and uses both and
Internal emails/domains added by default:

In this example, even though Sue is not a Atmos user, her email domain prevents emails from from being synced. Emails from to are also not synced because even though Karen isn’t using the @acme domain, she is a ATMOSai user in Bob’s organization, and therefore email between them will not be synced.

If you need to adjust these internal emails/domains, please send a Support Ticket to ATMOSai by clicking the “?” in the top right of the page. 

ATMOSai supports the ability to filter out specific email addresses or domains for privacy reasons by submitting a Support Ticket (“?” in top right corner of page). 

Examples where this is valuable:

You have emails with investors or board members that you don’t want syncing into ATMOSai for your whole team to see.
You don’t want to sync emails with an employee’s personal email address.
These emails and/or domains will be filtered out even if someone tries to add the email address to a Contact in ATMOSai.