Deleting and Merging Leads

Deleting a single lead

There are multiple scenarios in which you would need to delete a lead from Atmos. To do so, you can select the Trash icon directly from the full list of Leads, or you may click into a Leads page, and there is a delete lead option in the bottom, left corner. Once you select the either delete option, you will confirm, and the lead will be deleted from the system.

Deleting Leads in Bulk

To delete many leads at once, search for the leads you want to delete using your desired criteria under Narrow results, then go to the More button (…) > Bulk Edit > Choose bulk action type as Delete the leads > Next > Bulk delete.

Once merged, a lead can’t be unmerged.
If conflicts exist in the lead name, description, status, or a custom field, we will keep the data from the destination lead and discard that data from the current lead.

Merge Leads

Reasons to merge a lead include if duplicate leads are discovered, if there are multiple contacts from the same company, etc. 
To merge a lead, you will click into a Lead Page, and locate the Merge Lead option in the bottom, left corner. Select Merge Lead, type in the destination lead you would like it merged with, select the Merge into this lead button, and confirm. You will find the lead that you merged in the Contacts section of the other Lead.