Tasks Calendar

Tasks can be viewed within the ATMOSai CRM Inbox (including Inbox, Done and Future) and can also be viewed by going to the “Task” section under the CRM. 

To view Tasks within a Calendar, click “Tasks” and then “Calendar”. A new page will open, giving you the ability to view Tasks by “Today” “Day” (any), “Week” and “Month”. In some cases, you may want to view the previous or future day, week or month; to click through each time period, select the arrows in the top left of the page. 

In addition, you can also choose the “List” option to view your Tasks in list form. 

In addition, you can also edit Tasks from the Calendar page. To edit, simply double click the task in question and edit the task. You can also complete a tasks by clicking “Mark Complete”, edit the “User” and “Contact” assigned to the task, change the date/time for a task, among other information.