Bulk email and email sequence Clear View tips

If you’re using bulk email and/or email sequences, here are some tips for setting up your Clear Views.

Step 1: Create the base Clear View for anyone eligible to receive the message

If you’re using lead statuses effectively, a good place to start with this Clear View is to specify which statuses should be included in the Clear View.

Let’s start simple by only using one lead status. For example, let’s say you only want to send your sequence to any leads in Follow Up status. You’ll use the Narrow your results filters to only display leads that have a current status of Follow Up. 

Step 2: Exclude anyone that has already received the email or sequence

Sending people the same email over and over is a good way to waste a valuable lead. You’ll want to make sure you exclude anyone that has already received this particular message or sequence you’re planning on sending.

Contacts can only receive a specific sequence once

While it is true that Contacts can only be subscribed to a sequence once, it’s still a good practice to exclude those leads from this Clear View.

You’ll exclude these leads by specifically looking for leads that have not received this message.

  • If you’re sending a single bulk email message – use the template you’re looking to send
  • If you’re sending an email sequence – use the template in your first sequence step

Let’s say in both cases, the email template is called “Good morning”

  • Use the filters to only send to leads that have not received “Good morning” email sequence. 

Step 3: Send Email to Clear View list

Once your Clear View list is created and ready to go, you can use the email options in the top right corner to send a Bulk Email, an Email Sequence, or to Manage Email Sequences. For emailing purposes, you can use the checkboxes to the left of the lead names in the list to choose all contacts to receive the email, or to pick and choose specific leads from the Clear View to send to. 

Know your sending limits

It’s important to remember that any email, including bulk messages, are sent via your SMTP and not from Atmos . For example, if you have Atmos set up to send from your Gmail account, it’s the same as you logging into Gmail and sending that message.

Most email providers have daily limits in place to avoid mass emailing. If you think your volumes might exceed those limits, it’s important to either reduce your sending amounts or switch your email delivery over to a tool that is better suited for mass emailing.