Agent Product Assignment



Product Assignment and Templates


After Adding your Agent, it’s important to assign a Product Template to your Agent or group of Agents. This section will determine which products can be marketed by each Agent. There are many reasons you may want to assign a variation of products from one group of Agents to the next. For example, you may want to assign new Agents to a small subset of the products before giving the Agents access to many products at once.


Keep in mind, Products must have been previously created to create a Product Template.


Let’s learn how to create a Product Template and to assign those products to an Agent:


1)    First, choose Agents in the menu, select “Product Assignment” and then click “Templates”. A new page will open.

2)    Next, click “(+) Add Template” in the top right of the page. An “Add Quick Template” box will open. Input your Product Template’s name, status and description. Once inputted, “Save Changes”.

3)    Your new template will open in a new page. To add products to the template, select “(+) Add Product” and a new box will open.

Type in the product(s) you would like to include in the template. When finished, select “Save Changes”. The products will now display on the template page. Next, click “Update” to save the page.

4)    Next, we need to assign the new template to an Agent. To do this, select the “Assign agents” sub-menu item under Product Assignment. You will see “Criteria” for the Agent Assignment at the bottom.

5)    First, find the Product Template (or individual product) you would like to assign by typing in the “Choose products or product template” box. Choose the product(s) to assign.

6)    Next, move to “Choose Individual or Hierarchy”. Here, you can choose to assign this Product Template to a user (Agent, Company etc), the user’s downline or the user AND its downline. Simply use the drop down here to find the appropriate option.

7)    Then, we must select the Agent, Team or Territory that this Product Template will apply to by typing in the first few letters of their name. You may select more than one option here. Lastly, click Submit. The Product Template has been successfully assigned to your intended Agents, Teams or Territories.